The Deputy minority Chief Whip and Member of Parliament (MP) for Banda, Hon Ahmed Ibrahim has stated that, the minority would do anything possible within the law to stop the Jean Mensah Electoral Commission from compiling a new voters register.

According to him, in 2020, Parliament approved huge sums of money of GHS1.93 billion for the commission to compiled a voter register for which the commission has still not finished paying its debt on the register.

The Deputy Minority Chief Whip contended that workers of the Electoral commission are going through a lot of hardship and threatening to go on demonstration, yet the E.C Boss is not thinking of that but rather on a new voter register.

Hon Ahmed Ibrahim

In his considered view , the E.C plans to use the National Identification card (Ghana card) as the only means of document for the compilation of the new register could trigger chaos and confusion among citizenry as to who qualify to vote but do not have the Ghana Card.

He said the Minority in parliament would do everything humanly possible and by law to resist any form of a new voter register, stressing that, a new register is not a priority under this hardship economy.


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