The Member of Parliament(MP) for Kintampo North, Hon Joseph Kumah, has expressed grief with the utmost tone of frustration about the condition of over 800 constituents displaced and abandoned to their fate in the aftershock of rainstorms that dealt ruthlessly with his constituency of the Bono East region recently.

Over 30 structures affecting about 800 people in the constituency including schools and other institutions were wrecked beyond salvage.

Both old and young folks are reeling from diverse forms of displacement after an all-night windstorm, trailed by a terrific rainstorm, punched down several structures and separated hundreds of buildings from their roofs in April and May, this year.

The scale of the havoc wrecked inequitably in Asantekwa and surrounding communities within Kintampo North alone has left many mouths open with a long look of horror.

The MP revealed this after he had dragged the Minister for Interior to Parliament to know the plans the NADMO has to support victims of a destructive rainstorms in the Kintampo North Constituency in April and in May this year.

“Mr. Speaker, I rise to ask the Minister for the Interior what plans NADMO has to support victims of the destructive rainstorm that affected over 30 houses in the Asantekwa area of Kintampo North Constituency in April and May 2022,”  Hon Joseph Kumah questioned the sector Minister, Ambrose Dery.

In response, the Minister for the Interior Mr. Ambros Dery said the Ministry has received several reports of disasters from the first and second quarters of 72000 victims and the NADMO has been able to support some but has yet to support them.

He said the Ministry and its agencies are mobilizing to support the rest of the victims including those of the Asantekwa in the Kintampo North Constituency.

But Hon Kumah said his constituents have been abandoned by the government and its agency to their fate.

 “The most disturbing issue is that, since the last year incident and this year, the government has failed to attend to the victims. I posed a question to the Minister for Interior last year and he (Minister) said that the Ministry of Finance has released money to National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) for relief items for disaster victims including my people. But as we speak, not a single item has been donated to the victims of last year’s disaster and this year too,” Hon Joseph Kumah said.

He said many school children have been misplaced as the result of the disaster, stressing that he was expecting the government through NADMO to intervene but such support never came to the people.

“About 800 people including schoolchildren in about four schools have been displaced after both rainstorm and windstorm hit my constituency. These figures comprise adult males and females, boys and girls. Hundreds have been rendered homeless and many are displaced as I speak to you. So far, my visit to the community revealed that 30 houses and schools are affected with their roofs either completely ripped off or partially torn apart and walls deeply cracked. Some residents got injured as well,” Mr. Kumah lamented.


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