THE Member of Parliament for Yunyoo Constituency in the North East Region, Hon Oscar Liwaal has asked the government to provide upgrade the only police post in the area to a District Command statute and provide it with needed logistics for effective policing.

According to him, the adequate Police personnel, lack of adequate transportation, the unwillingness of victims of crime to report or provide evidence, the need for additional police posts, and the need for a Yunyoo District Police Command, were some of the challenges crime combat.

He indicated that the District needed a Command to be able to effectively fight crime, especially armed robbery incidents that are been recorded almost on daily basis.

Hon Liwaal revealed this to EXPRESSNEWSGHANA after he had dragged the Minister for the Interior to explain when the Yunyoo would get a command for the Police post in the area.


“Mr. Speaker, I rise to ask the Minister of the Interior when the Ministry will consider appointing a police commander to the Yunyoo District,”  the MP asked the sector Minister.

In response the Minister for the Interior, Hon Ambros  Dery said the non-availability of office accommodation for the District Police Command had been the bane of the District not getting an autonomous police command.

According to the Minister, the Police administration has beefed up personnel in the District. Currently, more than 14 personnel are working in the area with support from the Bunkpurugu District to fight crime.

He however asked the MP to collaborate with the Yunyoo District Assembly to procure office accommodation for the Yunyoo District Police quarters to combat crime, especially armed robbery and domestic thefts and violence.

In view of that, Hon Oscar Liwaal promised to do his best by advocating for more police personnel, additional means of transportation for the police and the establishment of police command headquarters to help combat crime and maintain law and order in the area.

He however urged the constituents to continue to support him to deliver as he works hard to bring the needed development in the area.



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