The clouds gathered as if they could only whisper to themselves, the sun became shy and couldn’t look at mother earth and had to dodge behind the clouds because it knew what had happened.

Phones kept ringing and the questions were the same. Is it true? As African as I am, who believes there is no smoke without fire, I ended up knocking on other phones with the same question; how true is it? We have heard these rumours over and over, but this one looked heavy, and everyone was tight-lipped.

The gongon begun to beat and the flags lowered !!! Motions ceased, hands akimbo, as tears journeyed down the cheeks of men. Mouths opened in shock, as rumours turned into reality.

The consolation that came immediately was SE ASA. They got what they wished for.

Attah Mills suffered all manner of attacks. When he lost his voice due to his ailment, they attributed it to something negative. He partially lost his sight yet they forced him to see their attacks both in print and in sounds. In all these, the man Attah Mills kept his smiles on even into death. His sense of humour and focus got him going.

I remember vividly how he chose work over rest, to inspect the state of work at the Suhum Apedwa road.

Testimonies poured. His virtues were on the lips of every one, including politician who never had kind words for him. Many asked in surprise, did they know all these good deeds of him?

For the past 10 years, the NDC have commemorated this day with special focus on the 1:40 time.

Today, the NDC and the late Prof Mills’s family will do it again between the hours of 12:00 and 2:30 pm. Don’t be in a rush, it’s an afternoon program, let’s come and hold hands as a family as we enter the hour 1:40pm together.

Agya Attah, Continue to rest well.

The Writer, Ako Gunn

The sun will shine again !
The clouds will dance in it’s brightness again !!!
The birds will sing the song, better days ahead !!!

Attah Mills: Forever in our hearts !!!

Kun fa Yakun

Source:  Godwin Ako Gunn

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