Member of Parliament for Wenchi Constituency, Hon Seidu Haruna has handed over three jungle-high speedy motorcycles to the Wenchi Municipal Police command to fight criminals that have invaded the municipality in recent times.

.According to him, the increasing incidence of crime especially armed robbery, money rituals and other hard crimes has given the police huge tasks with limited logistics, hence the motorbikes enable them to maneuver every corner to smoke out the suspected criminals who engaged in nefarious activities in both day and night.

The MP said the incident of armed robbery, money rituals known as “Double-Double” drug peddling and indiscriminate smoking of Indian Hemps by the youth have been recorded to be on the high within the Wenchi area.

While expressing his gratitude to all the security agencies, especially the police for keeping the constituency safe from criminals, Hon Seidu Haruna urged them to do more in order to completely rid the area of crimes.

The MP said, “I am here to hand over the patrol motorcycles that I promised to help you the police and other security agencies. I have taken time to procure the motorcycles because of resource constraints, but I am happy that I am here to hand over them, it is a promise fulfilled.

“I hope and pray that these motorcycles will help you, the police services in Wenchi in carrying out your duties. I will continue as the MP despite the financial constraints to support you and other security services to restore law and order in Wenchi Constituency.”

“I want to commend you for all the work you have been doing, I want to thank the entire police and all other security services who had worked very hard to keep Wenchi safer,” Hon Seidu Haruna added.

The short but impressive ceremony to hand over the Motorcycles was attended by the Minority Leader of Parliament and MP for Tamale South, Hon Haruna Iddirisu who was in the Wenchi Constituency for an equally important national assignment.

Hon Iddrisu commended the Wenchi MP for supporting the police to fight crime in the area but also encouraged the police not to relent on their vigilant against criminals and ensure that the perpetrators when caught are made to face the full rigor of the law.

The Wenchi District Police Commander who received the motorbikes on behalf of the police services thanked the MP for the donation and promised to use them for the purpose they were meant.




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