A Six Day Africa Real Estate Conference and Expo (ARCE) have been launched in Accra with a call on Estate Developers in Ghana and across the African continent to fully participate in the conference that sought to unveil specialists in the infrastructure sector.

 The Conference and exhibition event is being hosted and organized by Ghana Real Estate Professional Association (GREPA) with support from key stakeholders in the infrastructure industry to enable Ghanaians and African professionals in the Real Estate sector to learn best practices and perform effectively.

Speaking at the Media launching in Accra on Tuesday, Founder and President of Ghana Real Estate Professional Association, Madam Vicky Sampah said the real estate industry plays an important role in creating an all-inclusive healthy and safe planet to live and the professionals are continually being tasked to wake up to the call.

She explained that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the world operates and the trends are expected to have a critical influence on how people will like to live in a small environment and as well how real estate markets will fare over the coming years.

According to her, the Main objective of the association is the harmony and interaction among members who deal in Real Estate, the support for Government regulation for the country and members of the association.

The Association, she noted also sought to promote and maintain the highest standard of conduct in all Real Estate transactions and as well improve the economic opportunities of every Ghanaian by providing a road map to international Best Practices in property markets.

Madam Vicky said the vision and goal for ARCE is to develop the real estate industry in Ghana and Africa through good policy advocacy, and stakeholder collaborations, among others that served as the biggest and most impactful industry-driven for the development of the sector in Africa.

Chairman of the 2022 Conference Planning Committee, Emmanuel Tawiah said that Real estate is a key driver of national development and at the same time it is an industry that brings together many other industries and professionals and that the conference sought to bring experts to share experience and best practices to the players in the industry in Africa.

According to him, the Real Estate sector plays a major role in the national economy and is also set as a unifier of resources, industries, and professionals, emphasizing stakeholder engagements, collaboration, improved regulations, and establishing connectivity between stakeholders and professionals, are core to the conference.

The six days conference,  Mr. Tawiah said is on the theme,  “The Role of Real Estate and Infrastructure in Achieving Sustainable e Goals and Finance.”

The conference, he said would feature three educational training with international certifications from the international partners, stressing that, “ Some of the training will take place before and after the main conference. “

The GREPA Conference is expected to host and bring together over 200 companies both locally and internationally, over 100 renowned professionals and investors globally, and about 3000 participants in person and online.

Some of the participants, he stated are expected to register and take part in the professional certification training programme to improve upon their skills and experience.

Mr. Tawiah explained that “There shall be local and international speakers to discuss and speak on relevant and specific key topics for the growth and development of real estate in Ghana and Africa.

“The impact is expected to be phenomenal as many professionals and investors will have the opportunity to learn new things to scale up their businesses and network with relevant stakeholders.

“The last day would be an awards night to honour specific industry players, those who play key and sacrificial roles to bring real estate and infrastructure to this level and still giving off their best. He that does better needs to be recognized,” the planning Committee Chairman said.

He, therefore, urged Real estate developers (residential and commercial), brokers and agents, civil engineers, architects, surveyors, Manufacturing steel production, plumbing materials, electrical, concrete materials like cement, block manufacturing, equipment (heavy and light), new building technologies, roofing companies, tiles companies, glass companies and several others to register and partake in the conference.

The conference is expected to commence from  Monday, September 12 to Friday, September 16, 2022, at the Labadi Beach Hotel, Accra, to provide networking opportunities, presentations from leading built work innovation experts, and more.


Source: expressnewsghana.com

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