As part of his social intervention policies, the Member of Parliament for Akatsi South Constituency in the Volta Region, Hon Bernard Ahiafor has launched the second phase of the skill development training program known as “Ahiafor Youth Support Initiative “  for youth in the various skill trade in the constituency.

In the second phase, about 280 youth from various communities within the Akatsi South Municipality will be trained to tap the employment avenues in the Fashion and Designs, Beauticians commonly known as  Hairdressing building and construction specifically Mason and Mechanical Engineering sector.

The MP had enrolled about 38 youth under the 1st phase for similar skill training development and some of them are in full practice.

Speaking at the launching ceremony at Akatsi last Sunday, August 14, 2022, Hon Ahiafor expressed appreciation to the various stakeholders in the constituency for their support to him as MP to bring the needed development into the area.

Highlighting the initiative, the MP said he has pledged to transform the youth into ambassadors of peace, prosperity and development and that he desired that the various program would improve livelihood, and education and provide systematic financial assistance to the beneficiaries.

He added that it was his vision and hope that the skill training when completed successfully would lead them to open opportunities for enterprising youth, besides connecting them with various development-oriented initiatives of the government.

Hon Ahiafor further pledged to fully fund the beneficiaries’ NVTI examination after their successful completion of the practical session which lasts between six months to three years depending on the ability to learn fast and understand.

“Full agreement fees were paid for them and they promised to be the best at where they will be learning at, “Hon Ahiafor the Ranking of the Constitutional, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee of Parliament said.

He assured of his commitment to continue to work hard to enroll more of the youth into employable skill training to reduce unemployment and boost development.

Nonetheless, Hon Ahiafor further called for ensuring minimum participation of youth from every community and focusing on those from underprivileged sections of the society, followed by systematic facilitation for starting their professional career.

The program was graced by Torgbuiga Dorglo Anumah VI, President of Avenor traditional area and cross-section of the political divide in Akatsi, South including the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon Martin Kofitse Nyahe, NDC constituency executives, among other interested groups.



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