There is something negative with aspects of our culture. It breeds timidity in the youth. It takes away boldness and frankness from elders. To speak out against corruption, abuse, thievery and rots in society is a Civic responsibility.

People who see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil have suddenly resurrected from the dead to attack a responsible call for the judiciary to rise up and redeem it’s sinking image.

Let a young man say it, the clarion call will be, they are disrespectful. A former president says it, he is a statesman he shouldn’t say so !!! The media says it, they are from montie fm !!!

Chief Justice, Anin Yeboah

Who are we? Is our culture not making us hypocrites?

Ah well let’s all do hero worshipping and die unfulfilled. For me, I have nothing more to add, not because of fear, but I am dedicating myself to hard work and prayers for better days ahead !!!

Kun fa Yakun

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