The Executive Council of the Ghana School of Law Student Representative Council(SRC) wants criminal investigations launched into alleged procurement infractions and financial impropriety case against the outgoing President Wonder Kutor, and other executives.

A report of an investigation dated 22nd August 2022 conducted into the matter said there was a prima facie case established against the beleaguered SRC president and his cohort.

“There is evidence to support a conclusion that the SRC President (Wonder Victor Kutor), placed himself in a position where his personal interest conflicted with that of the Ghana School of Law Students’ Representative Council (SRC) in the procurement and purchase of the Toyota Corolla Vehicle with registration number GM 3222-21,” a copy of the investigative report sighted by read.

Financial impropriety allegations 

The Ghana School of Law management tasked a committee to investigate the alleged financial impropriety against the current leadership of the Ghana School of Law.

Among other allegations, the SRC President, Wonder Kutor was accused to have sold his own 2014 Toyota Corolla to the SRC at a price believed to be exorbitant and using a sole proprietorship company registered in his name in the said transaction.


The investigative report stated:”In his capacity as SRC President, Wonder Victor Kutor drew the cheque for the sum of GHS 71,500 and co-signed it with the SRC Treasurer. Thereafter Wonder Victor Kutor received the value of the cheque in his personal capacity as the owner of Submaxinn Consult,” the so-called illegal entity that benefited from the contract.

The report, therefore, recommended a “Rescission of the contract for the supply of the Toyota Corolla as being void ab initio based on the non-existence of Submaxinn (Motors) Consult and the misrepresentation in the age of the car.”

It also called for “Criminal investigations into the procurement/bidding process due to the clear case of deceit in passing off a 2014 Toyota Corolla vehicle as a 2015 model and doing so through a non-existent entity.

Meanwhile, the report also said members of the Procurement Committee that superintended over the contract must be reprimanded for the lapses in their evaluation of the bids submitted for the supply of the Toyota vehicle.


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