As part of his development policies to reduce the worsening condition of his constituents, the Member of Parliament (MP) for South Dayi in the Volta Region, Hon Rockson –Nelson Etse Kwami Dafeamekpor, has supported residents working on communal labor to fix portions of the deteriorated Peki Township Roads.

According to the MP, the residents embarked on the self-help fix project as the government continued to pay lip service to their demands to have the bad roads in the area fixed.

Hon Dafeamekpor told EXPRESSNEWSGHANA that until the government of the day attends to the needs of the people, they would have no choice but to resort to what he termed, the” Fix yourself Project’ through communal labour.

He said he supported the residents with construction materials which include trips of sand, gravel, chipping stones and hundreds of bags of cement to be used for the project.

The deteriorated Peki roads for decades now have not received facelift and have become perilous for commuters.

The roads are inundated with potholes while many portions are washed away by erosion. Weeds and sand have narrowed the roads making them dangerous for two vehicles to drive past each other.

The situation has led to many preventable accidents involving both vehicles and motorcycles.

Many residents, especially drivers who ply the road lamented that “the road is bad. The potholes are widening while weeds have taken over the road.

Most vehicles have been damaged every now and then as their plead to the government to construct the town roads did not yield results.

Peki is one of the biggest towns in the South Dayi District and is considered one of the food basket communities which produces many farm produce. Market women from across the country buy from farmers at the famous Peki Market.

Hon Dafeamekpor said he had posed questions to the Roads and Highways Minister several times in Parliament but the government kept on promising and never delivered.

He said his people felt the governments have neglected their roads hence the current deplorable state.

He, therefore, reminded President Akufo Addo to fulfill the promises made to the people of Peki during his political campaigns, that the roads in the area, especially the town would be constructed and tarred.





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