In fulfillment of his election promises to ensure his people have access to quality healthcare, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Wa East Constituency in the Upper West Region; Hon Dr. Godfred Seidu Jasaw made a big intervention in primary healthcare with a provision of ultramodern health facility for the people of Kulpong Community.

With the commissioning of healthcare facilities in the hard-to-reach Kulkpong community areas of Wa East Constituency, there seems to be a new lease of life for the residents. Until the Commissioning of the Health facility, access to primary healthcare in the hard-to-reach Kulpong community was no mere joke.

Thankfully, the lawmaker with the support from Qatar Charity Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) made a timely intervention and constructed the facility to cater to the over 16,000 residents of Kulpong and its immediate neighbour communities.

In remarks to commission the project, Dr. Jasaw thanked the Qatar Charity Foundation for heeding his appeal and assisting the constituency to address the health infrastructure deficit in the Kulkpong community.

The Kulpong Health Centre, he said would serve the people in the community and its neighbouring communities, emphasizing that the facility is fully connected to electricity to provide services 24/7, thus both day and night services.

While affirming his commitment to continue to collaborate with the Regional Health Directorate to ensure the facility is maintained to serve its purpose, Dr. Jasaw further appealed to the NGO to extend a similar benevolent gesture to Bulenga and Loggu communities with the construction of a Theater and Children ward respectively.

The MP also expressed his appreciation to the Chiefs and people of Kulpong, especially the land owners for donating the parcel of land for the construction of the health facility.

On his part, the Country Director of Qatar Charity Foundation, Ahmed Mohammed Adam, thanked the Chiefs and the resident for the support given to the Foundation to put up the facility.

He assured of the Foundation’s commitment to continue supporting the people of Wa East in their efforts to address some pressing issues through the office of Member of Parliament.

He further promised the Chiefs and locals of the Foundation plans to drill a borehole at the project site to provide constant water for quality services.

Dr. Damien Punguyire, the Regional Director of Health commended the NGO for supporting the MP to put up the facility to improve healthcare delivery in the Wa East in particular and the region at large.

.He noted due to the inadequate resources, the government through the Ministry of Health and the Ghana Health Services could not provide enough infrastructures to cover every community, especially the deprived communities and would need support from donors and organizations like Qatar Foundation.


The Regional Health Director however assured the Chiefs and people of Kulpong of adequate staff deployment with the necessary medical personnel and supplies before work commence.

The Chief of Kulkpong on behalf of the people expressed his gratitude to Qatar Foundation for the magnificent health facility to address health concerns in the community and its surrounding areas.

He also praised the Member of Parliament for his immense intervention and support in the Community and conferred an honorary chieftaincy title on the country director of the NGO.

THE Kulpong Community is a home to over 16,000 residents who for several decades did not enjoy basic healthcare and other developments they are entitled to.

Their pregnant women and under-five children lived at the mercy of traditional birth attendants, herbs and their immune systems.

They had resigned to fate, believing their location as a deprived Kulpong community was part of their biggest undoing.


But the young and vibrant lawmaker, Dr. Jasaw acted in fulfillment of his campaign promises in the 2020 election to ensure the people enjoy basic healthcare.

Some of the residents who shared their thoughts on the project Sharing his said for several decades the community lacked many necessities, one of which was primary healthcare, adding that this, in no small measure would lead to a reduced life expectancy in the community.

“I am therefore overwhelmed with joy that our age-long desire has come to fulfillment today through the efforts of our MP, Dr. Seidu Jasaw and the Charity Foundation,” a resident stated.


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