The Electoral Commission (EC) has called on the National Identification Authority (NIA) to accelerate the printing of Ghana cards to enable prospective voters to register to vote.

The Commission yesterday announced the end of the guarantor system in voter registration while proclaiming the Ghana card the sole identity document for the registration of voters.

This will take effect with the maturation of a yet-to-be laid constitutional instrument.

The EC believed the guarantor system is fraught with many challenges and could no longer provide a secure system of voter registration for the country.

The Deputy Chairman of the Commission in charge of operations, Samuel Tettey, said this is feasible with the collaboration of all stakeholders.

“We expect all the players in the electoral process, including political parties, to encourage all those who do not have Ghana cards to visit the offices of the National Identification Authority and register for the Ghana card,”

“Again, we call on the NIA to accelerate the pace of the printing of the Ghana Card to make it easy for anyone who is interested in registering with us to do so,” he added.


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