Vivo Energy Ghana Limited has been accused of negligence and sued after its Shell fuel station near Adomi Bridge at Atimpoku in the Eastern Region sold petrol mixed with water to some road users.

The lawsuit from Edmund Barwuah is demanding $2.5 million from Vivo Energy because he argued that damage to his car from the incident caused him to lose a business opportunity.

He also wants his car, a 2017 Ford Explorer, replaced with a similar vehicle and of the same specifications as well as GH¢600 per day since August 28, when the incident happened because of the loss of his vehicle.


In the lawsuit, Edmund Barwuah maintains that Vivo Energy owed a Duty of Care to the public to ensure that fuel products sold at its filling stations meet the required standards.

He also feels that this duty of care was breached “for selfish and unholy financial gain.”

Edmund Barwuah said the fuel station continued selling contaminated products to unsuspecting customers despite being directly informed of the unwholesome nature of its product.

He argued further that this amounted to reckless disregard for lives and property “in favour of selfish financial gain and unjust enrichment.”

The National Petroleum Authority has already shut down the Shell filling station where the incident happened for investigations to commence.

Vivo Energy also apologised for the incident that led to a number of customers’ cars having engine problems.

It explained that water got into the underground super tank of the station after heavy rain in the area


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