THE Madina Constituency Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Alhaji Abdul Rahman Rahim alias Alhaji Survival has expressed confidence that he has what it takes to retain the parliamentary seat for the party and as well maximize the presidential votes when retained as Chairman for the Constituency.

He hinged his confidence on the fact that his performance for the party in the 2020 elections has yielded dividends having recaptured the lost parliamentary seat.

The Madina NDC Chairman added that Ghanaians are disenchanted with the poor handling of the economy and security by President Akufo-Addo-led New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration and people needed a Chairman like him to help the NDC to rescue Ghana.

“I have done it before and my record in Madina is not in doubt. Members of the NDC can attest to what I did to enable us to win the 2020 election as a new Chairman. With the support of my executives, we rise from down as an opposition party and recapture the seat from the ruling party.  And we won with the most significant margin ever.  So there is no need of trying someone else.

“I am here to serve once again and for the party’s interest, the Great NDC. I have what it takes to move everyone along to mobilize, campaign, and sell our message. We are suffering and we should not make a mistake. Remember someone once urges Ghanaians to try him, after they tried him, today; the people rejected trying that person,” Alhaji Survival said.

Hon Alhaji Survival made the comments during an interview with EXPRESSNEWSGHANA, as the constituency opened for the nomination of new executive posts as part of the reorganization and internal process of the NDC party for the 2024 general elections.


While assuring that his next administration as Constituency Chairman would focus on the welfare of members, which he admitted he failed  in his first term to implement, the Madina NDC Chairman said he is also targeting a minimum of 80 thousand to 100 thousand votes for the party provided the Constituency is not split by the Electoral Commission (EC)

He further expressed confidence that “The NDC will win in 2024, we will not only retain our seat, we will win more branches and constituencies because our Member of Parliament (MP) is working despite the scare resources and the NPP government also deliberately depriving him of timely release of his statutory funds to undertake projects and programs that would inure to the people.

He reiterated his commitment to work closely with every branch to bring the party to power.





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