The Klottey Korle constituency chapter of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Greater Accra Region is in crisis as party members threatened to defect should the leadership go ahead to approve one Otenkorang Ankrah, a Deputy Secretary aspirant for the upcoming constituencies executives elections.

A petition by one Prince Nortey to the Constituency Vetting Committee, sighted by EXPRESSNEWSGHANA, alleged that Ankrah, in the 2020 election, betrayed the NDC and leaked the party’s internal confidential information to the then Parliamentary candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Prince Appiah Debrah.
Prince Nortey had petitioned the vetting committee to disqualify Ankrah on grounds that he is nothing but a serial betrayer and ingrate who ought not to be given the chance to get closer to the NDC executive position.
Portions of the petition read, “Mr. Otenkorang Ankrah, an aspirant for the position of deputy secretary, Klottey Korle need not go through vetting as per the mandatory disqualification of this upcoming constituency election.
“Mr. Otenkorang openly campaigned for the NPP parliamentary candidate in the 2020 elections and I bear true witness to it,” Prince Nortey alleged in his one-page petition.
Narrating further to the EXPRESSNEWSGHANA, Mr. Nortey claimed that two weeks before the 2020 elections,  Ankrah approached the NPP PC for a deal to leak NDC electoral confidential information to the NPP for a handsome reward of not less than GHS15,000, a deal he executed but failed to stop the NDC victory in the constituency.
Nortey said, after roping him into that scheme of dishonesty to betray the NDC, Ankrah parted him with a stipend sum of GHS900.00, out of about GHS13, 000.00, from the NPP PC. But he rejected it on grounds that he had been cheated in the deal.
He subsequent gave his reason for the petition against Ankrah’s approvals by the Vetting Committee, stating, “in about two or three weeks to the 2020 general elections, Otenkorang Ankrah known as OT, approached me that he had a plan to get money from the NPP PC(Appiah) and the plan was to disclose all NDC strategies and secrets to the NPP to enable them to defeat the NDC in the Klottey Korley constituency.”
“So the PC agreed and promised to give us money up to GHS15, 000.00. We went to the Electoral Commission (EC) office and got some ID Cards and give them to some people to act as if they were NDC agents that will later get more information to the NPP. “
“We did all these for the NPP. I was at home and Ankrah send me a message that he has sent his sister to deliver me some money (GHS1, 000) as my share from the NPP PC. But when I opened the envelope, it was GHS900.00, I felt cheated so I sent the money back to him. I knew the PC gave us GHS13, 000. So I asked him why he cheated on me that much. I threaten to expose him and he added the GHS100.00. He promised to add me some money and later gave me only GHS200.00,” Nortey claimed.
He continued, “However, unlucky, the NPP did not win the seat. So when the NDC opened nomination, I picked nomination forms for my Branch Chairmanship position, but I was disqualified on grounds of what Ankrah and I did in the 2020 election against NDC. Ankrah also filed a nomination for Constituency Deputy Secretary. So I petitioned the Vetting Committee to disqualify him because of what he deceived me to join him to do what he did in 2020 against NDC.”
“If the NDC party disqualified me for joining Ankrah to betray NDC, then he should not also be qualified. But the Vetting Committee said the allegation against Ankrah is beyond their power and sent it to the Region Appeal Committee. I appeared before the Region Committee and told them everything, but they refused and went ahead to approve Ankrah to contest. “
“That is why I decided to make it known to everyone in the public, this is not fair. OT should also be disqualified. If he was just an ordinary member and betrayed the NDC, now if you give him power as Deputy Constituency Secretary, you can imagine what he will do for the NPP. Because he has the obligation to please the NPP for the money he collected in 2020. He will do worse to fulfill that agenda. So I will like the national executives of NDC to take up the matter.”


“When I appeared before the Region committee, they were not listening to me. It was only Sammy Gyamfi in that meeting who was ready to listen to me. I will not allow Ankrah to be NDC Executive in Klottey Korle, he is a betrayer and ingrate, “ Prince Nortey alleged.
He reiterated that his petition is premised on the grounds that if he had breached the NDC constitution and ought to be disqualified, then why should Ankrah the key character in the entire scheme should not be disqualified? For him, Ankrah has equally violated the party constitution, not only to have campaigned against the NDC but for having leaked vital information to the NPP.
He, therefore, wants the national executives to declare the approval of Ankrah vetting by the Constituency and the Regional Appeals Committees invalid and that the process also violated the laws of the NDC.
However, an attempt to get Ankrah to tell his story proved futile, as the contact number is either switch off or out of coverage area.
The issue has raised tempers among the ranks and files of members in the Klottey Korle Constituency as they called for transparent and peaceful constituency elections.
Some branch executives have accused the constituency vetting committee and some members of the regional appeals committee of playing tribal politics and warned that the issues if not properly addressed could spell doom for the party in the Klottey Constituency.



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