1 Cut unnecessary costs and expenses
2Use your time and resources wisely
3 Learn to buy in bulk
4Control your movements.
Avoid visiting unproductive places like pubs, clubs etc.
Entertain yourself at home if possible
5 Cut down on expenditures on some foods like pizza, eat your local foods
6 If you can, do multiple jobs, don’t rely on a job
7Reduce your dependency on others and the government
8 If you have more than one vehicle, kindly use the least consumed vehicle on your rounds or movements
9 Use your electrical gadgets wisely
10 Those without their own cars, you can use public transportation, for example trotro if the distance is far
If you are medically fit, you can walk if the journey is short.
11 Use your data wisely, unproductive information, stories, and news should be avoided.
12 Having multiple partners should be avoided.
When married, your family is enough(nuclear family), when in a bachelor remit, your girlfriend is enough.
You are controlling both medically and financial costs
13 At the workplaces and educational insttutions, zoom meetings should be encouraged
14 Denounce or stop thinking negatively about yourself
15 Never reject yourself, you are unique and special
Your situation is being contested by many
16 Always believe in God.He has solutions to all our challenges – economy, education, health, agriculture, business, trade and all.
Ahmed Osumanu Halid

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