The Member of Parliament for Krachi East in the Oti Region, Hon Wisdom Gidisu has dragged the Minister for Roads and Highways to parliament over the abandoned Oti River Bridge Project.

According to the MP, architecture designs for the project had been made and Contract was expected to commence before the changed of government in 2017, but the project has delayed.

“Mr Speaker, I rise to ask the Minister for Roads and Highways when the bridge across River Oti at Dambai in the
Krachi East Constituency will be completed,” the MP questioned the Minister in parliament.

In response, the Minister for Roads and Highways, Hon Kwesi Amoako Atta said the Government intends to construct the bridge at Dambai to link Krachi West, Krachi
Nchumuru and the Northern Region to the Southern part of the

According to him, the Bridge when constructed would facilitate the transportation of goods, especially foodstuffs and
people from the Northern part of the Country to the down south.

The span of the bridge, the Minister said is about 1.5km with a dual
carriageway width of 15.65m.

He said, currently there is no contract for the construction of the Dambai Oti River Bridge, but the Ministry has received a preliminary the design proposal.

” Mr Speaker, the design proposal is being reviewed by
the Ghana Highway Authority for consideration.

He added that, the acceptance of the proposal by the Ministry, a detailed engineering design will be carried out for the construction of the bridge.

But Hon Gidisu said the bridge is an important project and should be tackle with the seriousness it deserved.
He said apart from the fact that it would ease transportation from the Northern part to the South, it would also reduce the risk of the use of pantoon which often breakdown leading to lose of lives and property.


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