As a proud Zabarama and a passionate ambassador for youth development, I have been very pleased with the progress of the youth in Zabarma community of Ghana in education, female empowerment and developmental initiatives of majority of the key figures.

So, one can only imagine my disappointment, worry and fear for my Zabarma people regarding current issues that have come to light. I consider it my duty to caution and alert all.

Between 2017 to 2019, an amount of gh700.00 cedis was collected from a number of our Zabarma people spearheaded by the Abeka Zabarma Chief, Chief Musa Yandu, with the promise of securing a plot of land for each in a new Zabarma community. Information from a number of trusted sources revealed that a total amount of gh160,000.00 was realised. Out of this, only gh30,000.00 cedis has been accounted for thus far for securing this lands. There has been no accountability for the remaining gh130,000.00 of our hard earned money.

Rising concerns and pressures on these issues have brought about an organization of a farce titled “National Zabarma Youth Conference” happening in the coming days, where some few elites have laid out plans to further exploit money from the hardworking Zabarma people. I have been duly informed that a proposal will be made to the youth to invest money into securing lands in the said Zabarma community. These funds will be collected through Afro-Arab Microfinance, a company who’s C.E.O is a key stakeholder in the affairs of this land acquisition. We as the Zabarma people have to be very cautious of being exploited again.

However, I entreat the general Zabarma Youth in this country to be very cautious and not fall victim to this entrapment. They must also not fall to the erroneous impressions and rumors from sources claiming the late Alhaji Adamu Global started the citizenship agenda for the Zabarma people and that it has been taken to Parliament of Ghana to be passed.

We demand clarity on this issue regarding the current progress of acclaimed initiative, the committee it was presented to, and content of said documents.

Rather than using misinformation to further the agenda of a select few, we entreat our leaders to bring together our think-tanks to propose a visible proper plan and strategy that would unite all Zabarma youth in Ghana and make voices heard.

As said earlier, it is not only our right, but our duty to protect ourselves. I share this for no personal gain but to caution you to thread carefully. Let’s hold each other accountable. Please stay tuned for further updates.

Your servant Tarik Awudu
A Proud Zabarma

Source: Contributor

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