Single Man Contractors Association (S.M.C.A), small scale Contractors under Ghana Highways Authority (GHA) has petitioned Parliament for payment of their outstanding arrears owned by the Government.

They said several demand notices to the Ministry of Roads and Highways have proved no results and Petitioned the Parliament to paid them with interest “since the loans we took from our financiers comes with interest and the government couldn’t pay us on time with delays that have caused a lot of financial burdens on us”.

They further demand for an immediate meeting with the Minister of Roads and Highways & Chief Director of Ghana Highways Authorities where 16 Reps from various regions in the Country will be attending to discuss these issues and more.

The leadership of the Association led by its Secretary Sheriff Alhassan again called for immediate supervision and approval of work done as contracts as they proposed “reviewing future contracts of engagement”.

SMCA president Petition to parliament

The petition dated 6th day of December, 2022 and submitted to parliament on the same day as received jointly by the Minority Leader Haruna Iddrisu and the Deputy Majority Chip Whip and MP for Tolon, Habib Iddrisu, on the subject matter above “expressing our grievances as Single Man Contractors on our arrears of payments on Work done since August 2019 to date for the Ghana Highways Authority and the Ministry of Roads and Highways”.
The Membership of the Association numbering about Four Thousand, Three Hundred (4,300) membership including our workers, and, their primary job is the Desilting of gutters, Grass cutting and Sweeping of the Highways Stretch of roads in Ghana.
“As your outfit is aware, the Ghana Highways Authority has been indebted to us since August, 2019 to date. Although we commensurate with the Government about the current financial situation in the country we demand payment for our work done effectively. We have family and workers to take care of and this has overburdened us. Meanwhile, we are also indebted to our financiers and others. Unfortunately, many of our members out of frustration and pain have died out of this ill-treatment”.
The petition was copies to the following:
i. The sector Minister, Ministry of Roads and Highways Authority.
ii. ii. The Chief Director of Roads and Highways Authority.
iii. The Chairman of the Road Fund. iv. | Majority Leader in Parliament. v. Minority Leader in Parliament and,
iv. The Chairman of the committee on roads and highways Parliament House.

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