The Minority caucus through a vote of 11-10 kicked out the GHS80 million budgetary allocation to parliament.

The budget estimate for the cathedral was decides by a joint committees of parliament including the Committee of Trade and Industry, Youth and Sports, Culture and Tourism.

With a spirit of determination to quash the budgetary allocation, the Minority defeated the outrageous and sleazy GHS80 million Cathedral budgetary allocation .

The allocation was contained in the Appropriations Bill of the 2023 fiscal policy.

Ranking Member on the Trade and Industry Committee, Hon Emmanuel Armah-Kofi Buah,, said the Ministry failed to convince them about the allocation and also account for the over GH¢300 million already spent on the project.

Project Site of Cathedral,

According to him, officials of the Ministry of Finance could also not give ample reason for the allocation.

The Minority members on the Committee, therefore, called for voting to decide the matter.

As of the time of voting, they were more than the Majority members.

The Minority, therefore, won by an 11-10 majority votes.

Nonetheless, the other allocations of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture were approved.

Hon Minister for Finance

“We asked for a vote and I think today God was on the people of Ghana’s side. We voted and we were in the majority.”

The Member of Parliament for Ellembelle Constituency, however, expressed concerns that the Majority may use their numbers to overturn this decision when it gets to the plenary.

For now, he assured, Ghanaians should be content that no more funds will be pumped into the controversial project from the government coffers.


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