The Nebraska fraternity is blessed with loving, caring, intelligent, religious and agapious brothers.
We the younger ones are lucky to have such distinguished gentlemen in our midst and as our senior brothers.
I will not mention names here but I believe the Adjectives I used (supra) clearly fit them.
One of those Sterling brothers is Emmanuel Disah alias Saxon, the current President of the Nebraskan Brothers or Family or Fraternity.
I am sure most brothers will be amazed for my ability and courage in fetching his birth and family name.The source will not be disclosed here.
He is an amazing chap who is bringing a lot to our generation.He is an authority in the affairs or matters or history regarding our 441 community and beyond.
Then when it comes to the family called Nebraska, he is a dandy, super and awesome.
Bra Emma or Saga or Mr President, is very friendly, humbled,peaceful and respectful to all.
He is also helpful and determined or ready to offer any help to all irrespective of whatever relationship he has with you.
He motivates and encourages all to aspire to the apogee of their lives: education, investment, profession, specialization etc.
Our President, does his politics without any hatred or disliked to the opponents.
As a family, we agree or disagree, but matters of our family(Nebraska) are superior to any personal and political interests.

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You hardly hear or read anything partisan from him, even when the platform is somehow heated with innocuous partisan politics.
He declines or refuses any invitation to do any trace of politics when we all know him as a member of a certain political party in our country.That is his legal,constitutional and legitimate right.His political party is opposite mine.
I pray, my senior brother Iddir will not come for me ooo.(small joke or play).
He is also someone I see as a ‘curator’ of historical assets or materials of the Nebraska family.He surprises the family anytime he produces certain pictures or materials that are as old as 20 or more years.This is knowledge and mastery.
Saxon, Saga, Mr President and finally Emmanuel,I pray for Allah’s guidance, protection, love and mercy to you and your family.
I pray that you will have the energy, good health, patience and tolerance so you will continue to lead and serve humanity and the Nebraska family.
I also beseech Allah to bless the entire family of Nebraska Brothers both home and abroad and to our departed brothers may they be forgiven by Allah and admit them in Heaven.
Once again, we are grateful for your leadership and service, my brother, our brother and our leader.

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