Nigel Gaisie, founder of the Prophetic Hill Chapel released a number of prophecies that are bound to happen this year except for those that are prayed against because of their unpalatable nature.

Gaisie, outlined prophecies that relate to a nation he claimed was called Republic of Yempɛ Nokware – a nation that bears similarities with Ghana in terms of happenings he had seem in the realm of the spirit.

He issued a disclaimer at the beginning of his prophecy session at the 2022 watchnight service, stating that his words were of the spiritual and not the physical world.

Prophet Nigel Gaise

“I want to say this is a disclaimer, I am in the spirit and I am in church behind the pulpit. I am not talking in my human sense, I am talking as a spiritual person.

“The intention is not to cause fear and panic, prophecies are utterances led by the spirit of God through vision, trans and dreams and our five senses,” he added.

He mentioned three scriptures that backed his position on prophecies being divine and continued: “On the strength of these scriptures, I repeat again, I am not prophesying to the nation and people of Ghana.

“If you are in Ghana, you can respectfully log off or switch off your TV, I am prophesying to the Republic of Yempɛ Nokware.”

The prophecies bordered on his newly found republic, there were copious pronouncements on a number of West African countries and on global events especially as relates to the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, China and the Vatican.

Find below the full list of Nigel Gaisie’s prophecies:

  1. Lot of nuts that were about to die regained strength. In 2023, anyone that stands well with God, the Lord will restore the person.
  2. Economic meltdown in Republic of Yempɛ Nokware and other major cities in the world. Times were very difficult but God assured that those for him will be restored.
  3. New Pope to come to office
  4. A new King in England
  5. The Gambia will find a strange man in office and capital Banjul was in riot.
  6. Change in Freetown, Sierra Leone. ‘I saw a change in the political structure in the realm of the spirit.’
  7. Nima was in tears so let’s pray for Nima
  8. Mass inferno of Government properties including a major bank on fire with the intention to hide corruption and rot.
  9. A woman leading sensitive position in Republic of Yempɛ Nokware murdered in cold blood
  10. Liberia president will win reelection bid
  11. I saw at the next polls, that the Minority Group have won massively in the Republic of Yempɛ Nokware. In fact, at the other polls, they won clearly but for the unseen hand. This win that is about to come will be heavy that nobody can stop it.

The Lord told me that this win, he Himself will come down to orchestrate it and when it is finally settled on the 9th of December, he will go back to his realm.

Minority should be united aggressive and remain united. Minority in Republic of Yempɛ Nokware will win massively. The other divide lost badly. Minority will form the next government and nobody can stop it, sayeth the Lord.

  1. Prominent MPs to lose their seats in Parliament
  2. Attack on Parliament, two of the MPs won’t make it to the last meeting of the legislature
  3. Church of Nigeria to come under attack and a big man in Nigeria dying this year
  4. The media in Republic of Yempɛ Nokware to come under serious attack, critics arrested and some nearly jailed
  5. The Lord took my spirit to the Republic of Yempɛ Nokware and I saw that there was a change of an IGP. I saw it in the realm of the spirit. I saw that the IGP, his boot was taken off, I saw it…

I dreamt, I saw it and it will come to pass, if they don’t pray about it. It will come to pass. I saw arrows showed a change of IGP.

  1. Horse that must be stopped or risk taking Ghana 70 years back because of how much it has stolen. Finance Ministry will be empty and the horse must be taken to the place it must be changed and it must be changed in anger
  2. I saw the hand of the emperor very bloody
  3. Chief of Staff of the Republic of Yempɛ Nokware driving a ship on a highway instead of a sea. Angle said they have lost it, they have nothing more to show, they have nothing more to do.
  4. Dangerous horse on which was the flag of Ghana. A white horse with a Ghanaian flag and a West African Vice President mounted the house with four feet of the horse broken.
  5. Notable lawyer sleeping on his left side
  6. Scarcity of basic commodities, people chasing among others fuel, if we don’t pray
  7. A family jailed and two members dying in prison
  8. River Birim was crying unto him
  9. Politicians must be careful or else there will be massive jailing of politicians arising from massive public discontent
  10. Flag of America lowered and need to pray for president Biden
  11. A woman leading the world and the need to pray for ex German chancellor Angela Merkel
  12. Attacks on a former president and a message to Gonjas to pray for their own. Gonjas fighting an ex-president. And that God says he is waiting on a Gonja to restore his land and its people.

Whiles I was looking, I saw the former president Kwame Dramani in white apparel in the Jubilee House. It will happen.

Unless Mahama himself is not ready, in the next four to eight years, nobody is God waiting on than Kwame Dramani. The Lord said I should tell Ghanaians whatever they have to do to bring that man, in six-months of his reign; Ghana will change.

  1. Unnecessary court cases
  2. NPP internal presidential will produce a winner with the name starting with letter ‘A’ and that the party must resist any attempts to impose a winner during the vote
  3. Nigeria general election must produce a winner from Abia State but massive rigging will take place.
  4. Old man will win in Nigeria and after months, his vice will take over and Nigeria will enjoy peace.
  5. The time, date of 2024 polls may be altered but that must be resisted
  6. China will rise
  7. Two banks will collapse in 2023
  8. Former Arsenal, Togolese footballer to be poisoned unless he takes necessary precautions.

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