The Madina Constituency Chapter of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has said the administration of Hon Lawyer Francis Xavier Sosu, the Member of Parliament for Madina has done “extremely well” for the past two years of his four year tenure and his achievements must be commended.

According to the Constituency executives, despite the little resources available to him as opposition MP, Hon Sosu has discharged his duties credibly and touched many lives within the Constituency.

The Madina NDC revealed this at a press conference in Madina on Saturday, January 7,2023.

Hon Abdul-Razak reads statement

Addressing the press, the Constituency Secretary, Abdul-Razak Husseini said the MP has over the last two years performed well as compared to his immediate predecessor and should be commended.

He said from the Legislative House as lawmaker to community development projects and disbursement of statutory funds, the MP achievement is remarkable .

The NDC, he added would continue to broadcast the achievement of the MP to the constituents, stating that, “Hon Sosu achievements within his first two years out of his four year term is unprecedented.”

The Constituency Secretary said as part of his legislative work, Hon Xavier Sosu has introduced a number of public interest private member Bills in parliament which would help shape the country legal system when passed into law.

Notable among the private member Bills, he said is the Bill to amend the Criminal and Other Offence Act 1960 , Act 29 to substitute Life Imprisonment for Death Pernalty, among others.

Hon Francis Xavier Sosu

Mr. Husseini said the MP has also initiated a number of community development projects and programmes including an Annual Best Teacher Award , where the overall best teacher receives a vehicle as part of the MP and the NDC policy to boost quality education.

In addition to that, he said the MP has within the two years made several social intervention by supporting and providing some health facilities with medical equipment and supplies, while providing free medical screening for residents.

” Not only this, our MP, Hon Francis Xavier Sosu has supported several needy students and children in education and direct and indirect job placements for the youth through the Madina Job Centre which he initiated even before becoming MP for Madina,” the Constituency Secretary added.

Mr. Awudu Azouka

The National Vice Chairman of the NDC, Mr.Awudu Sofo Azouka, urged the Constituency executives to continue to build peace and unity among the rank and file of the party in order to retain the parliamentary seat and maximise the presidential votes to win the 2024 elections.

He said the manthra of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) to “Break the Eight ” will never materialised and that Ghanaians are anxiously waiting for December 7, 2024 to show the NPP the exit.

He again, called on party faithful to remain steadfast and work hard to bring the party back to power to save their future and the nation from the hands of the corrupt NPP government led by President Akufo-Addo.

The Greater Accra Regional Secretary , Hon Theophilus Tetteh Chai, commended the Madina MP for the remarkable achievement within two years of his four year term.
He said with such level of work couple with the hard work of the Constituency executives, the region would retain the 20 parliamentary seats and reclaim some from the NPP.

The Constituency Chairman, Alhaji Failla Husseini also defended the MP achievements and assured the executives would work to continue peace and unity within the party.

According to him, the newly elected executives would provide credible information about the work of the MP and the Party in the Constituency.

Hon Sosu is currently outside the country on national assignment, but Chairman Failla said the Constituency executives would continue to work whether with or without his presence.

Madina NDC Chairman, Failla Husseini

He said the people of Ghana, especially the Madina constituents need to know what the MP is doing for them both in parliament and at the Constituency and they (executives) have the responsibility to make the achievements known to the Constituents.

He further assured of ensuring that the party runs free and fair parliamentary primaries when the time comes, “saying, ” we the executives will not stand in the way of anyone who has the intention to contest for the parliamentary primaries.”

“But until the parliamentary primary is open, we have only one MP and we as executives must work and let everyone in Madina know what the MP and NDC have done,” he added.


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