A Community Support Specialist, Osɔfo Dr Nathaniel Nii Naate Atswele Agbo Nartey has urged the people of Ada to applaud the McDan Group led by Dr. Daniel Nii Nshia Mckorley for putting smiles on their faces, particularly those in the salt value chain in the celebration of this year’s Christmas festivities and other ongoing social interventions projects in the transformation of Ada.

As a result of fervent preparation that the Group have put in place for dredging the Songhor lagoon and connected sea water into the banks for salt miners to mined pure salt for their trade and business activities as the gesture have received massive boost in salt which have impacted greatly upon their economic wellbeing. The community in this regard have expressed their gratitude to the Group for making their Christmas celebration enjoyable.

According to the American trained Community Support Specialist, the joy of the indigenes is a testimony of the enormous benefit they have received and acquired for their livelihood since the Group took over the heroic mining of the Songhor salt project which have placed Ada as the salt mining hub in the West Africa sub-region.

Osɔfo Dr Nii Naate Atswele Agbo Nartey

Osɔfo Dr Nii Naate Atswele Agbo Nartey commended and praised the people of Ada for their commitment exhibited towards the Songhor salt project saying it is through unity and peace that Ada will continue to witness massive growth and development in areas of social and economic infrastructure.

He further applauded the people of Ada for their cooperation and the understanding of the vision and mission of the McDan Group and the swift transformation that the community have successfully chalked ever since the Group rolled out its investment plans which have yielded sound and good results in lifting the Ada community to the global level particularly in the production of salt.

He said salt is also known as the white gold and the demand for the said mineral is phenomenon and explained that salt is used in diverse ways in fields of production and manufacturing as well as household hence, the Songhor lagoon with its rich salt deposits is a reliable source of salt supply to the world and make Ada the Silicon Valley of salt.

According to him, Songhor salt is a national asset and not limited to the people of Ada thus the people of Ada must cherish the project and own a stake in the salt project for rapid growth and development of the community.

Nii Naate Atswele Agbo however challenged the people of Ada to reflect on entrepreneurs and companies like Sam Jonah, Despite Group of Companies, Dangote, Asians particularly Chinese, Ibrahim Mahama, Ex-President Kuffour, among others who attempted to revive the Songhor salt project but were not favoured in meeting the expectation of the people of Ada.

Turning the spotlight on the history of salt mining in Ada, Osɔfo Dr. Nii Naate Atswele Agbo Nartey revealed that the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) in collaboration with SSNIT signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop the Songhor Salt project but that also failed.

A Brazilian company also signed a $3 billion contract with government under Ex-President J. A. Kuffour’s administration and that did not also see the light of day”, he said pointing out that for the past 53 years the Songhor salt project went through challenges until the McDan Group revived and transformed the project.

Dr. Daniel Nii Nshia McKorley (McDan) was made the development Chief of Ada and as a result the ancestors have released their blessings on his interest and commitment towards the salt project as management of the McDan Group and the Chiefs and people of Ada have witnessed tremendous social and economic growth in Ada community and its environs.

Source: Ben Laryea/Contributor

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