I had never heard the name MEEK MILL, neither have I heard his song, but I am sure if we have to trace his roots to Africa, he wouldn’t fall short of being a Fante. Not because of his name Mill(s), but his attitude in all the confusion around his video. As meek as his name, he apologised, deleted and didn’t want to have issues with anyone !!!

Protocols are enforced by hosts not visitors !!! Meek Mill did no wrong but the irresponsibility of this Nana Addo administration is dragging this issue to unnecessary heights. No one has owned up, no one has apologised, no one has resigned. They don’t just care. Is this one too a government?

If you have a group of irresponsible and/or unfit individuals gathered to serve a political interest and not the nation, this is how far it gets to.

Jubilee House was the same place a serving police officer, Nanka Bruce, was beaten to pulp, and the perpetrators promoted to join the National Security outfit. What else can be expected from that House?

Meek Mill

As this unfortunate MEEK Mill discussions travel into weeks, let’s give an ear to the hundreds of bond investors who are dying out of shock. People who have invested their severance packages, life savings, gratuities and have no means of survival.

How did we get here? Did we really bargain for such irresponsibility? People being denied returns on their savings, as the President and his family draw salaries every month for mismanaging the economy.

This story can not be on the back burner. Let’s remain resolute in our struggle because there are better days ahead.

Kun Fa Yakun


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