THE Minority caucus in Parliament has charged President Akufo-Addo’s government to stop using state funds to fund its flagship programme, “One District-One Factory”, describing it as a ‘complete failure.”

According to the Minority, the purpose of which the policy was introduced and got parliamentary approval has failed as unemployment situation in the country remained disturbing phenomenon.

At a press conference in parliament on Friday, January 13, 2023, The Ranking Member of Trade, Industry and Tourism, Hon Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah said, a preliminary research on the policy by the Minority indicated that over GHS2.6 billion that government have spent on subsiding factories for the 1D1F programme have all gone to the drain and nothing to show.

The Minority explained that, their findings further established that the government has been able to support only 75 factories in Greater Accra and 54 in Ashanti, Savanna region with four, while the rest of the regions have nothing to boost of, labeling the policy as a ‘complete failure’ and a waste of state resources.
“The IDIF project has been a complete failure and a waste of resources and we call on the banks providing fanding support to the IDIF policy initiative to confirm the disbursement of allocated amounts by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.
Finally, the NPP government must account to the taxpayers for a failed policy
initiative,” Mr Kofi Buah said.

Hon Armah Kofi Buah and his Deputy Suleman Yussif

The Minority avert that, in the light of the limited time remaining of the party in power, and considering that only a limited number of factories, whether green or brown fields are running. it could be concluded that the policy is not working and has not made any progress in the quest to moving the country from an agro-based economy to an even semi- industrialized economy.

“Where is the even distribution of factories in each district promised when we
now know that out of the 296 so called IDIF factories at various stages of
implementation, about 76 are in Accra, 54 are in Kumasi and in fact majority
of these factories are existing factories,” the Minority claimed.
.This, among of other things, the Minority demanded to know where are the massive employment promised under the 1DIF, the value addition promised under this program and how it has contributed to our GDP.

“Where are the substitutes of imported goods promised under this program?
Can anybody point to one product-rice, sugar or even toothpick that we
have succeeded in reducing its import as a result of IDIF? As for increase in foreign exchange earnings, the least said the better. The IDIF is a complete failure,” the stated..


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