The Greater Accra Regional Chapter of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has continued to show signs of resilience in the midst of internal wrangling besetting it. Against the worries being expressed by many Ghanaians that the crisis after the regional executive elections could hinder its chances at the general election in 2024, the umbrella party seems to be riding the waves.

One of the major concerns expressed by observers was how the region would work to bring the defeated regional executive aspirants on board its campaign team as the December 7, 2024 activities kick-off date is not far.

But on Sunday, January 22, the regional new executives unveiled its strategy and held a unity crunch meeting with all defeated aspirants who contested for the regional executive post and lost.

Unity meeting

The unity meeting was held at the instance of the new Regional Chairman, Hon Emmanuel Nii Ashie-Moore, and was Chaired by Madam Sherry Ayittey, second National Vice Chairperson of the NDC.

Sherry Ayittey told Journalists after that the unity talk was necessary because NDC has a national assignment to rescue Ghanaians and it cannot do that without bringing persons with experience and the knowledge of mobilization on board.

She said the defeated regional executive aspirants have a role to play, judging from the experience they have gathered and the fact that, they equally have followers.

Ms. Sherry Ayittey spoke to the media

Professor Joshua Alabi, a leading member of the party and former Campaign Chairman for  John Mahama in 2020 elections,  challenged members of the party to come together and work towards unseating the ruling  New Patriotic Party.

He said now that everything has been settled for the region, the party must focus on the 2024 elections, stressing that, the aim is at capturing additional five parliamentary seats for the region.


He enjoined all supporters and members of the party to bury the hatchets and give peace a chance so the party rescues Ghana from the current economic hardship.

“We should team up with our members and  the party so that we will record resounding victory at the polls.”

The Regional Chairman, Hon Emmanuel Nii Ashie Moore said there was a need for the unity meeting to ensure that everyone is on board to help move into the 2024 general elections with a common goal.

He said the major task of the region is to win the Presidential elections and increase the number of parliamentary seats in the region, as he has expressed optimism that the party would return to power in 2024.

The Regional Chairman said the defeated aspirants with vast experiences would be co-opted into various committees to work for the victory, emphasising that, the NDC in the Greater Accra Region,” will be guided by consultation, team-work, internal democracy and national interest.”

The immediate past Regional Chairman, Joseph Kobina Ade-Coker was not present at the meeting, but the New Chairman said, the former Chairman has traveled out of jurisdiction but indicated that, prior to the unity meeting, he met his predecessor and, he was aware and his absence is not deliberate.

Hon Ashie Moore spoke to the media about the need for the unity meeting.

Some of the defeated aspirants who were present expressed their happiness for the unity meeting on the fact that it was the first time ever such a unity meeting is being held in the region after the election.

They promised to support the new executives to with the experience and ideas on how to increase the presidential votes, retain the 20 parliamentary seats and capture more of them.

Hon Ashie- Moore


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