At around 7 pm Ghana Time last night, when I put on my phone after long hours of ‘relaxation, what greeted me was a breaking news on the various news portals on the demise of one of our distinguished leaders of our country, Lepowura Alhaji Mohammed Nurudine Jawula.
Alhaji Jawula as he was affectionately called, was an all around person. He was a practising Muslim, who served his Creator and loved his religion, Islam. He was also a distinguished football administrator who was once a vice chair and later the President of Ghana Football Association.He has again served on many FA Committees.He was an excellent civil servant who had served in various capacities and with different Ministries.He was the head of General Administration at the Ministry of Finance and head of Human Resource at the Ministry of Health.
He later became the Chief Director of the then Ministry of Railways, Ports and Harbours during the reign of President JA Kufour.
He excelled in all those Ministries and assigned capacities.
I am told, Alhaji Jawula was once a District Commissioner in one of the Districts in the northern sector of the country.
He was also a traditional leader in the Gonjaland.
Alhaji Jawula was a kind hearted man.He was very helpful to all.
Yours truly was one of his stewards.He aided many of us to pursue our academic journeys beyond our first degrees and other aspects of our lives.
He was a committed, dedicated and industrious homo sapien who was loved by many.

Late Alhajo M.N Jawula

Very friendly and related very well with all persons he came across with.
He was a counsellor, a motivator, a teacher, a father, an uncle and a grandfather to many of us.
He was our ‘dictionary’ as he could give, explain and interpret words with ease, not even a goggle search.
He was a flexible communicator as he did it with finesse.
The nation has lost a precious and an iconic asset.A huge lacuna has been created with his departure.
But in all things we give thanks to Allah and appreciate him.
I pray that the nation will accord him a state burial for his numerous service to it.,(Ghana).
May the soul of Alhaji Jawula be received by the angels of heaven and rest in peace.
Alhaji MNJ, we thank you for your love, care, help and leadership.
You will forever linger in our hearts.
Salaam, peace and thanks to Allah
Ahmed Osumanu Halid

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