THE Member of Parliament (MP) for Navrongo Central Constituency, Hon Sampson Tangombu Chiragia, has said delegates of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) of Navrongo Central is solidly behind President John Mahama candidature and would queue on May 13, 2023, to endorse him.

According to the MP, Mahama is the only person among the aspirants who can lead the party to rescue Ghanaians from the current epilepsy economy of President Akufo-Addo-led New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration.

Speaking to EXPRESSNEWSGHANA via Telephone interview on the upcoming NDC Presidential and Parliamentary primaries, Hon Chiragia said, Mahama performed excellently during his first term administration and should be given another opportunity to finish what he had started.

President Mahama has been touring constituencies across the country and speaking to delegates to endorse him at the May 13, primaries.

Mahama is been contested by Dr Kwabena Duffour, a former Minister of Finance and Kojo Bonsu, a former Mayor of Kumasi Metropolis, whilst Hon Chiragia is also been contested by three other aspirants.

Hon Chiragia, one of President Mahama’s close confidants said he would retained as parliamentary candidate as he also believed the former President’s infrastructures and the fight against corruption would earn him an automatic good ticket for a second term.

His words, “This is a free contest. I have my views and I have expressed them. Why do I say so? I said so because the main gift President Mahama is giving to this country is what he represents and that is his absolute integrity.

“What Ghanaians should aspire to be, the kind of country that we want Ghana to be, a country where a man’s yes is his yes. A country with leadership that treats with respect public resources, a nation that is disciplined; a nation that is not wallowing in indecent corruption that we have today that is making one ashamed, that is what Mahama represents. He is like a General leading a charge against the major ills of this country.”

“For that reason, we the NDC of Navrongo Central is solidly behind Mahama and I can say without any shed of doubt that ,on May 13, we will queue to endorse him and we are giving Mahama not less than 99.9 percent,” Hon STC added.

With the current junk economy, the Navrongo Central Lawmaker said Ghana still needs a man like Mahama to restore the good foundation he had laid for the nation in 2016, but has been destroyed by Akufo-Addo government.

“The job is so enormous that if we want to developed country, then we need someone like Mahama.

“Yes we hear people say Mahama is not the only person in NDC, but whoever lead NDC today will relied on Mahama legacy and so why not rather give it to the one with experience to do the job,” he emphasised.

“So, my prayer is that God gives him robust good health and once he enjoys that, of course as a constituency and as an MP who has a closed working relation with Mahama, I will work that he comes back for another term.

Hon STC noted that for within the two years of his four year mandate as MP, he has touched lives and made major intervention in all sector, education, health ICT, among others, but for with the level of the bad economy under the current NPP administration, much could have been done

“When we talk of change, a lot of people talk about only physical change.The main one is the change in the mentality and ethics of Ghanaians, especially the attitude of Ghanaians to right and wrong. So, the task is enormous and we need to infuse in the hard work and principled leadership which President Mahama and myself represents,” he said.

Hon STC won the 2020 general election with 26,947 votes, representing 62.27 percent, beating then Upper East Regional Minister and candidate for NPP, Madam Tangoba Abayage, who managed to obtain 15,821 votes representing 36.56 percent.

It was the first time an NDC parliamentary candidate won the Navrongo Central with such huge margin, even some of the polling stations that were known to be strong hold of the NPP, were swept by the NDC, Hon STC.

However, historically no NDC MP has ever retain the seat as a PC or MP beyond a four year term, for which reason the Navrongo Central NDC delegates, especially the youth had vowed to break the “political curse”.

They constituents, who are the delegates of the May 13, said Hon STC stands tall among the aspirants who could help to break the one term political curse on the NDC.

In their considered views, voting for Hon STC, is not only to retain him as PC for 2024 elections but to retain the seat for the party as they prepared to go all out to ensure that the seat do not fall back to the NPP.

A total of four aspirants including Hon STC are vying for the mandate of the delegates to represent the NDC as parliamentary candidate for the 2024 general elections.


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