The Member of Parliament for Amenfi East in the Western Region, Hon Nicholas Amankwah, has rolled out free skills training for youths as part of his social intervention policies to equip them with hand on skills work to help them start their own business.

Being the first of its kind in the constituency, the programme sought to build the skills of the youth for employment and entrepreneurship in CCTV Installation, Electronic Bell Systems, Electric Fencing, Automatic Gate Systems, Installation of  TV Satellites and General Installation and Cabling which takes just a week to become skillful in the sector.

Interested youth from the constituency only needed to come out and register with the MP office secretariat team at the training ground free of charge and join in the particular skill training section of his or her choice.

 Speaking to EXPRESSNEWSGHANA, Hon Amankwah said the program is meant to equip the Constituency youths with self-employment skills and urged the beneficiaries not to focus on formal jobs but also consider starting smaller businesses and employ others.

According to him,  “The major challenges in the constituency are providing employment to the youth. So I introduced this skill training for the youth free of charge. The only requirement is to come and register and join the training.

“During this period, they would be given skill training, so that they become independent and masters on their own. The training focus on CCTV Installation, Electronic Bell System, Electric Fencing, Automatic Gate System, Installation of TV Satellites and General Installation and Cabling,

As you know, people who are into this skill are already making it. I am very sure by the time these over 80 youth complete their training which started on Monday, May 8, 2023, and on Friday, May 12, some of them would have been masters on their own. But I must add that, they will still need to work under persons who already have the skill, thus the masters for another period of time,” Hon Amankwa said.

He further challenged the youth to take the training seriously, adding that it would make them competitive in the job market.

The MP said the current state of the country’s economy is not stable and youths must not select jobs but take advantage of available opportunities.

As part of the effort to make the program more beneficial and sustainable, Mr. Amankwa said after the week-long training, the trainees would be made to join those already in the business so they could become more skillful.

So far, over 80 youth have enrolled as against the initial target of 50 and the number kept increasing as the program is the first time in the constituency.

Hon Amankwah called on parents and other stakeholders to support the program to help reduce unemployment among the youth and bridge the gap of development between the constituency and others.

He reiterated his commitment to the development needs of the constituents, especially the youth who he noted holds the future of the constituency.

Some of the beneficiaries and their parents expressed gratitude to the MP for the program as it would help to minimize dependency and unemployment and relief most of them from abject poverty under economic hardship.

The population of Wassa Amenfi East District, according to the 2021 Population and Housing Census, is over 85,478, out of which the youthful represent about 42.0 percent depicting a broad base population.

The Wassa Amenfi East District is one of the districts in the Western region and bounded to the west by Wassa Amenfi West District, to the east by Mpohor Wassa East District, to the south by Prestea Huni Valley District and to the north by Upper Denkyira West and East Districts of the Central Region.


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