QNET, a lifestyle and wellness focused direct selling company has revealed plans to embark on a public education campaign against scam. The campaign will be a build-up on the earlier public education campaign which was implemented in Ghana using billboards and radio predominantly to disseminate key information about the company and its business model.

The earlier public campaign was christened: ‘Mama Campaign’. It hinged on a narrative that African mothers are protective and they guide their children to do the right things. The campaign featured an African mother imagery, holding a cane, ready to chastise anyone engaged in wrong-doing. It is QNET’s way of saying it wants to ‘whip’ people into line and ensure that they comply with the code of ethics of the company.

The new campaign will build on the successes achieved by the Mama Campaign. It will use simpler and more easy-to-understand language. It will also be delivered using some local languages. It will be on radio, television, online and in print.

The Chief Transformation and Reputation Officer of QNET, Mr. Trevor Kuna said the company wants everyone to know that it does not condone activities that bring the company’s name and image into disrepute.

He said the company’s business model does not contain an investment scheme, does not promise employment with fixed salary, does not promise overseas travels, does not encourage cross-country and illegal gathering, does not engage minors, does not make outrageous claims on the efficacy of its products, does not preach get-rich-quick, does not open international bank account for people and the company does not engage in any form of scam or ponzi scheme.

Mr Kuna, explained that when people sign up to sell QNET products or refer the products to others, they are called independent representatives, IRs. He said they are usually trained and are told about the company’s code of ethics. He stated that QNET was an online business that could be accessed all over the world: “the company has a whole base of IRs who are genuine customers, or people who leverage direct selling as a side income. The few bad apples you see are the ones brought forward into the limelight by their unscrupulous actions. As a leader in direct selling e-commerce, QNET takes its commitment to its customers and the public very seriously and is committed to providing the highest standards of services and is taking all the necessary steps in ensuring its customers are protected.”

QNET invites all members of the media and the public to reach out and report any fraudulent activities through the company’s website, www.qnet.net and to also walk into their training centre at East Legon to learn more about its mode of operation, products and services.

QNET offers a wide range of products including homecare, personal care, nutrition, fine jewellery, e-learning and holiday products.

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