Spokesperson for Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, Kofi Abrefa Afena has asked the general public to ignore deliberate distortions out of the NPP T-shirt statement Dr. Prempeh made during the 2020 campaign. According to Mr. Afena, the statement has completely been lifted out of context.    

“Dr. Prempeh said the NPP is an attractive party and therefore if COVID restrictions would not allow for mass rallies, it was only wise that the available resources were used for retail campaigning and printing of NPP T-shirts. Dr. Prempeh continued that, Ghanaians naturally love the NPP and therefore T-shirts in the wake of the restrictions would make the people feel part and parcel of the campaign” Mr. Abrefa said, this innocuous statement has been deliberately distorted by the Minister’s detractors for reasons best known to them.

Mr. Afena further debunked a new twist to this story in which some people claiming to be members of the NPP are said to be angry over the same comments. In fact, they allege that Dr. Prempeh made the comment in Kumawu. Mr. Afena responded as follows:

“How can Ashanti NPP be angry over a non-existent statement? Napo made no such statement in Kumawu. The grand scheme by faceless elements aimed at causing disaffection for the Energy Minister has failed ab initio! Napo remains focused on his positive contributions to government, party and by extension the whole country. I did some checks, the people claiming to be angry are not NPP members. They have only been hired to carry out a job of interest” he said

Hon Napo

The Spokesperson further said that, the Minister will not be distracted by sordid attempts at tarnishing his image in the eyes of the people of Ashanti region. This Mr. Afena said, is because the Minister has earned the accolade as the shining star of the region in the current government and the NPP through hard work and acts of kindness.


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