The team has decided on a leading member of NDC. He is Kpasah Whyte, an Associate Professor with the premier university of the country, known as the University of Ghana, Legon.
This gentleman who teaches at the University and is expected to impart knowledge and morals to the young ones uncharacteristically attacked the apex court of our land. It described the Court as stupid. The Court consists of human beings who preside over it to determine cases.
So the associate professor has therefore insulted the learned judges of the Court.
At least, two of them might have taught him when he was a student at the University of Ghana.
Yours truly was also a student of the two of the judges. Namely Professor Justice Mensah Bonsu and Professor Justice Ashie Kotey both formerly of the School of Law.

Amazingly, the loud-mouthed civil society organizations were mute. The lawyers were mute and the academicians were also mute.
Nobody could come to the defense of the court. The Court was abandoned to its fate.
The court went ahead to enforce its powers by citing the disgraced, arrogant, and uncultured associate prof with contempt.
He quickly ran to apologize and to withdraw the unprintable word used on our revered court.

He is such a coward and a dunce. He would have seen his size. It is not surprising that he has been losing his party primaries because of his arrogance and insulting behavior.
If you have a legal tussle, ignore the stupid court and apply your foolishness and naivety to resolve the dispute.
Every citizen has the right to criticize the Judiciary or the court, the Executive, the Legislature, or any person or institution when they goof but not to insult.
Sadly, those who should know better are those whose mental derangement misleads them to go on an insulting spree. It is their self-acclaimed culture or trait.
The same Court that his party had been bastardizing as a ‘Unanimous Court’ or Seven, on a unanimous decision has pardoned and freed him.
Now they are quiet and celebrating.
Until we halt hypocrisy, we shall continue to be ungrateful for the numerous gifts our Creator has bestowed on us as a people.
When one goes to the court with frivolous evidence and a weightless matter and loses, the court is bashed, battered, and cursed.
When the opposite happens, then the court is seen as heaven to go to rejoice.
Kpasa Whyte, your act or language is shameful and childish. You should not be celebrated at all.
You should be revising your appalling performance as a witness in the matter of the 2020 Election Petition where you disgracefully misled the Petitioner and your party abysmally lost the matter.
You are an embarrassment to the academic family and a repulsive homo to your students.
A teacher or judicial thug?
The Servant

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