Once again, another debacle,disaster, and disgrace are what innocent Ghanaians have been fed by another football national team.
This national football team also failed to impress, qualify and seal the lacuna in our ‘qualify-less and ‘trophyless’ circumstance or situation as a football nation.
This time is the Black Meteors. A potential team to take over or become the senior national team, the Black Stars in the future.
The team failed to qualify for the Olympics Competition to take place in France, come next year, 2024.
The team had a tortuous journey in the tournament being hosted by the Kingdom of Morocco.
It (, the team,) won its opening match against Congo by 3 goals to 2. In that game, the team conceded two quick goals within 2 minutes after taking a commanding lead of three goals. (Absence of concentration and avoidable errors).
Its second game against the host nation was even more pathetic.
The team was embarrassed to its ‘marrow’ when the Moroccan side hammered them by five goals to one.
In their last match against their West African counterparts, the Guinean side, the Black Meteors were a disappointment as they allowed the solitary goal they scored in the first half to be canceled by their opponents.

Black Meteors

The drawn game ended the nation’s dream to be among the continent’s representatives in the Olympics.
The managers of our game need to appreciate and accept the reality that there is a huge lacuna in the industry.
The challenges emanate from the administrators, coaches, officials, and players(poor selection, favoritism, nepotism), etc.
It is time the FA denounces some of its styles and brings everyone on board to salvage the situation.
Government should not sit aloof to allow such embarrassing and disgraceful acts to continue.
The government through the taxpayer resources our national teams and therefore is a huge stakeholder in the development of all our sporting disciplines especially football, the unifying discipline in the country.
The strings of disgrace happening to our football from the club level to the national teams should be halted.
Kurt, lead, serve, and win.
Ghana football is bleeding profusely and good ‘surgeons’ should be included to stop the blood from oozing.
Ghana, football, now a carcass?
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