Hon.Teddy Safori Addi, the Member of Parliament for Ayensuano Constituency in the Eastern Region, has shared the emotional story of his family’s eviction from their home six months prior to the 2020 general elections.

With tears in his eyes, Addi described receiving a distressing phone call from his wife while he was deeply engaged in his campaign activities, prompting him to take immediate action to find a safe place for his family to stay.

Recounting the incident in an interview on Accra-based Ahotor FM, Teddy said, “Six months before the election, my landlord evicted my wife and children in 2020. While I was campaigning, my wife called me in tears, informing me that the landlord had arrived to evict us.”

Faced with this unexpected situation, the NDC MP quickly instructed his manager to arrange transportation for his wife and children to a secure location.

Despite the demanding nature of his campaign, Teddy said he made it a priority to be with his family after fulfilling his campaign commitments.

Upon reuniting with his wife, he provided comfort by saying, “Don’t worry, God knows best.”

Teddy also revealed the hardships he encountered during his campaign, such as relying on a motorbike for transportation. He shared an incident where the motorbike rider asked him if everything would be alright, and with unwavering resolve, he responded, “Yes, it is well.”

He emphasized that despite the numerous challenges he faced, his primary focus was to continue working tirelessly until Ayensuano Constituency achieved the level of development and progress he envisioned.

The eviction of Teddy’s family before the 2020 elections highlights the personal sacrifices and difficulties faced by politicians during campaigns. It also underscores the determination and resilience of individuals like the Ayensuano MP, who are committed to serving their constituents despite adversities.

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