Despite the continued halt of government business in parliament, the Member of Parliament for Ejura-Sekyeredumasi, Hon Muhammad Bawah Braimah, has said the Minority would not back down its boycott in parliamentary proceedings till, James Quayson, MP for Assin North received a fair trial in the Law Court.

According to him, it was not the duty of the minority to carry out government business in parliament, and the people of Ghana have given their mandates to the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP). Therefore it was incumbent on the majority to stay in parliament and work.

Hon Bawah said, the Minority has always been in the chamber on days there is no proceeding in Court and that, it was rather the Majority side of the House that has consistently abandoned their core duties and followed presidential aspirants.

‘If we the Minority boycott proceedings in parliament and go to Court, what happened to the 137 plus independent members of the Majority? They can form a quorum, so why are they blaming us the minority? Why should they expect we the minority to work for them? They have the people mandate to govern, so they have to be in the house to do government business,” Hon Bawah justified the Minority action.

The Minority in Parliament, on Friday, July 14, 2023,  again boycotted business activities in Parliament over the trials of James Gyakye Quayson.

The boycott is a show of solidarity, the Minority caucus has decided to forgo Parliamentary proceedings and accompany their fellow member to the court.


This is the third time Minority MPs have abandoned Parliamentary work to accompany their colleague in Parliament.

According to the caucus, the trial of Mr. Gyakye Quayson is unfair and must be dropped by the Attorney General and Minister for Justice.

However, the Minority action had been condemned by their colleagues on the majority side, describing it as a deliberate effort to disrupt government business in parliament.

The MP for Oforikrom, Dr. Emmanuel Marfo said the Minority’s continue boycott of proceedings would have dire consequences for the state and expressed the hope they would reason beyond politics and return to the house to carry out their mandates as elected legislatures.

At the time the House adjourned for next week Tuesday, July 18, only 24 out of the 137 members of the Majority caucus were also in the chamber.

This, Hon Bawah told EXPRESSNEWSGHANA, the Minority could not be held responsible for the slow pace of government business in parliament.

He said that the majority caucus government has the mandate of Ghanaians to govern and provide them with the needed policies and that the Minority presence or absence would not change policies the government intended to introduce through parliament.

The lawmaker for Ejura-Sekyeredumasi said the majority and the government’s failures to reason with well-meaning Ghanaians to halt the unjustified trial of Quayson has mainly contributed to their boycott action.





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