The Member of Parliament for Yunyo Constituency, Hon Oscar Liwaal has said the New Patriotic Party (NPP) led administration recorded greater achievements in the Yunyo Constituency also known as Yunyo/Nasuan District than the eight years government of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

According to the MP, for seven years, the Akufo-Addo government can claim too many completed and ongoing infrastructure and other social intervention development and policies in the Constituency.

Hon Liwal was reacting to vile propaganda by elements within the Yunyo NDC that, the NPP has not achieved anything within his administration as District Chief Executive from 2017 to 2020 and now MP since January 7, 2021.

The Young Constituency branch of the NDC has accused Hon Liwaal of neglecting the constituents, especially when rainstorms had destroyed houses and displaced many families.

However, the NPP listed a number of developmental projects and policies sector by sector that Hon Liwal undertook and has achieved some from the time he was the DCE  and now MP for two and half years.

Power Supply to communities

HON Liwaal told EXPRESSNEWSGHANA, via telephone interview that, he was given the mandate as DCE and another four years and within these periods, a significant number of communities have been hooked onto the national grid.

A total of over 30 communities where project work have been completed in some, while other are still ongoing to be hooked onto the grid across the constituency.

The communities include Nanlong,  Jananderi, Gbingbalanchet, Jinting, Bakuy,  Tambona, Tuna No 1, Tuna  No 2   Dobiyantoa, Gbeduri, Kuanpiong,  Sambik, Nanai, Majefuuk,  Gbankurugu,  Nabaal,  Gbingbani, Walgbani, Tambing, Bianbik       Powered, Namong, Wawa, Bunbuna, Tambokurugu, Mangor,Danduut, Namongo,Mantana        Ongoing, Sanvosi          Ongoing and Lawuk       Ongoing

The MP also justified his claim with the progress made by the Akufo-Addo’s administration on Sanitation and Water supply, mostly boreholes to over 80 communities across the constituency of which work has been completed and residents enjoying a constant supply of water.

Some of the beneficiary communities include Dubon, Biambik, Tambing, Pulot Walgbani, Gbingbani, Nabal, Piabuni, Nasitambing, Manting, Bisting, Gbingbelachet, Janandel, Tambona, Kinkango, Majiafuk-Tuna, Salimba, Tinsong, Bunlegbal, Gbingbankokil, Sambik-Tuna, Jimbale K.Land, Wawa, Magor, Bunbuna, Laabonkunkuk, Nalong, Danduut, Siitik, Yunyoo, Naagu, Mozio, Jinwol, Nambonso.Kuffok, Namongo, Kajawein, Temaa, Kuffori, Nasuan, Soavosi, Tambokurugu, Kpakong, Kpanlori, Bumbong No2, Nangbam,Tuna No1, Tuna No2,  Komia and Banjan.


The rest of the communities, that  Hon Liwaal provided good drinking water are; Nakpayili, Majia, Dobinyantoa, Nasuan-Kwalik, Gbeduri, Damanko, Fodel, Naboot, Bilanan, Koalik, Kpanal, Jagbantambituk, Kompiong, Bunbuna-Nasuan, Moajating, Kuffori No3, Nanangbanl, Mantana, Majiafuk, Nanani, Kpangong, Labalin, Sagban, Bomtiuk, Tobont, Gbankurugu, Nambonso, Sambik, Moak and Jimbale B Land

He said through his hard work as the then DCE and now MP, the constituency’s human resources potential has been improved as he invested a lot in human employment opportunities and ensured that most of them gained meaningful employment in the various security services, among others.

The Yunyo lawmaker said, within the period he managed to boost the human resources in the Ghana Education Service, Ghana Prison Service, Ghana Audit Service, Youth Employment Agency, Ghana Armed Forces, Ghana Police Service, the Information Service, the  Ghana Health Service, Ghana National Fire service,  Ghana National Ambulance Service, Ghana Immigration Service, the Social Investment fund(SIF),  National Identification Authority(NIA), National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO)and the  Local Government services.

Hon Liwal and the NPP therefore challenged the NDC to provide any development projects and policies that they initiated and completed in the Yunyo during their 16 years in office.

“Everything that  you can see in Yunyo  today is what this administration has achieved, yet some politicians are so blind that they sit in their offices and on radio stations and accuse me and the NPP administration of not doing anything for the Constituency,”

“I challenge the National Democratic Congress to submit their data showing the performance in terms of water and sanitation during Hon Sampoa Timothy Laari as the then District Chief Executive and Hon Bipoba Joseph Naabu as the then member of parliament for our lovely district,” he said.

He said the NDC together with their MP and appointees could only provide the whole district with nineteen (19) bore-holes for their solid eight good years in governance.

“Based on these facts I can confidently say that the National Democratic Congress does not have the good people of Yunyoo/Nasuan district at heart and therefore should not be given the opportunity to rule,” Hon Liwaal added.

Before he was elected MP in the 2020 general elections, Hon. Liwaal was the District Chief Executive from 2017 and has performed greatly in terms of development to the admiration of his constituents.

Nevertheless, he promised to work extra hard to retain the seat in December 2024 to continue the good work for his constituents.

The Yunyoo Nasuan District is one of the 261 Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Assemblies (MMDAs) in the country and forms part of the six MMDAs in the North East Region

The Yunyoo Nasuan District was carved out of the Bunkpurugu Yunyoo District Assembly as one of the 38 newly created and upgraded District Assemblies in 2018. It shares boundaries with Bunkpurugu Nakpanduri District to the north, the Republic of Togo to the east, East Mamprusi Municipal to the west, and Gushegu Municipal and Cherepon District to the south.

The population of the District according to the 2021 population and housing census stands at 56,879 with 28,027 males with 28,852 females.


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