Over 100 people have benefitted from Member of Parliament (MP) for Akatsi South, Hon Bernard Ahiafor’s free eye screening and cataract surgeries.

The exercise was aimed at improving the health condition of the residents as part of the MP social intervention policies..

The eye screening exercises was done in turns at seven major communities where a total of 2552 residents turned out to receive the free screening.

Residents from Atidvize, Avenopredo, Avenorpreme, Defia, Wute, Akatsi ARS for  1 and 2.

Out of the total 2552 residents who turned out, 2183 residents received medicated dispensed, 992 residents received Eye lenses, and 341 cases were booked for surgery.

Hon Bernard Ahiafor

Cataract is an age-related ailment of the eye and the leading cause of blindness in the state and the country.

It is mostly increases with age, which is why some people grow older; they begin to experience it by not seeing clearly. When that happens, they would need to remove the lens via surgery and this makes cataracts is treatable to avoid blindness.

Glaucoma, which is another common eye disease, causes irreversible blindness but if caught early, with regular eye screening, the progression could be delayed.

Experts said that too much exposure to sunlight, diabetes, and trauma to the eyes were some of the factors that could cause or hasten cataract formation.

This, he said he would ensure a periodic exercise to enable the residents, especially the elderly men and women in the Akatsi South to receive free eye screening, at least, once a year.

Hon  Ahiafor who is the Ranking of the Constitutional, Legal, and Parliamentary Affairs Committee of  Parliament reiterated his commitment to the health needs of the constituents, hence the dedication to improving quality health care in Akatsi South.

“The eye is a very important organ that has the capacity to withstand problems.

“If you do not check your eyes regularly, I am sure by the time it starts manifesting the problem, it will be too late.

He therefore urged residents not to wait until they start having serious eye problems before they could go for check-ups.

Some of the residents who benefited from the exercises said they were happy when they heard about the free eye screening. Initially, she would have paid for tests and had her cataract removed.

“I am thankful to the organization for providing us this opportunity to regain our vision,” she said.


Source: expressnewsghana.com

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