An explosive allegation from Canada that the Indian government may have been behind the assassination of a Sikh separatist activist on Canadian soil has triggered a huge diplomatic row and sent relations between the two plummeting.

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, this week accused India of being involved in the killing of a Canadian citizen in June, causing an all-out diplomatic war, prompting vehement denials from India and leading to the expulsion of diplomats of both countries.

Yesterday, Trudeau firmly rejected the Indian government’s denial of any involvement in the assassination and pressed his allies to come together to challenge India. “We are not looking to provoke or escalate,” he said. “We are simply laying out the facts as we understand them, and we want to work with the government of India.”

Background: Years of diplomatic tension are behind the rapid plunge in relations. In New Delhi’s eyes, Western nations — most notably Canada — have stood by idly as extremist Sikh groups, including the one led by the slain Canadian citizen, have supported a secessionist cause that threatens the Indian state.




Source: Reuters

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