Hon Alban Kingsford Sumana Bagbin has said ahead of the race for the Presidency of the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) which is the turn of the African Region, they are likely to support the bid of the Tanzania Speaker Rt. Hon Dr. Tulia Ackson for the Presidency.

According to him there is discussion ongoing and as a region they are likely to support her to get that position as the President of the World Parliament.
He made this remark in relation to a media briefing ahead of Ghana hosting the 66th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (CPC) of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA), where journalists from Ghana’s Parliamentary Press Corps wanted to know what is being done to champion the cause of women in the Legislature.
Rt Hon Bagbin pointed out further that they have CPA Africa branch led by the Speaker for Malawi who is a lady, so it’s not just the creation of a special group for women in the CPA which is the Commonwealth women parliamentarians but in the other branches and wings of CPA the women play very active roles there.
“Now, is the era of women as at now we have another we have another lady the speaker of Tanzania who is aspiring to be the president of the Inter Parliamentary Union international, is the turn of Africa”.
Also women are getting a lot more opportunities, the parliament of Ghana had a lot of women playing very key roles in the CPA right down from the era of Nkrumah and also in the fourth Republic.


He said throughout the entire seventh Parliament, we have talked about this and we have had our women play key roles, and now we have four of our women play active roles in the CPA, he stated.
“This conference we have a lot of them participating not only in the Commonwealth Women Parliamentary Association (CWPA) but also in the Executive Committee, and also in the youth group.
Again, they have other events where they participate and lead discussions and present papers and a lot of work is done by them in the CPA, he added.


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