A lady who was heartbroken told me that if ever she loves again, it will be with the one who respects her people. If you love me, love my dog.

I never knew tribal marks from the North were that beautiful to the NPP until the crowning of Bawumiah with the flagbearership. Truth is, when hypocrites smile, it doesn’t last long on the face. This is just a means to an end. My only joy is that the name-calling like ntafuor, pehpehfuor, etc, may come down. At least, the NPP will have a little respect for people with Northern descent.

Once they are happy with their new look, I will humbly request they reduce the twi language at national events and gatherings like their congresses. At best, they should engage interpreters or translators to carry their message from English to other local languages. Can’t the whole nation come along at a go? Ah !!! Which national party does everything in twi? Mtcheeeewwww……

Obviously, the NPP is just interested in having a candidate from the North and not what it comes with. The stigma of being an Ashanti and Akyem party is haunting them, and Bawumiah comes in handy. There is one thing having a face like that of the stooge Bawumia – with the engine room still being controlled by the Akyem Mafias: Gabby, Osafo Marfo, Ken Ofori Attah, and the Addo Danquah boys – and another thing having a truly independent person from the North who believes in himself.

Dr Mohamadu Bawumia (L) and Godwin Ako Gunn(R) 

Let me congratulate Kennedy Agyapong looking at how he broke through in less than a year and took the wind out of the sail of Alan. His low day was his interview with Umaru Sanda of Citinews. What will be the first thing you will do when elected as president? *Answer: I will bring all musicians together and organize a concert, and let them sing we are the world. R&B, reggae, hi-life, etc. Eeeeeiii Concert in this economic hardship KEN?*

For the plantain seller and the “Mampong benz” driver, I think this should be enough for them. This is the year the NPP assembled its weakest men to lead the party.

Did I hear Akufo-Addo chanting a last wish of winning the 2024 elections? This guy has no shame. I thought he would have been concerned with the state of the economy and the welfare of citizens!!! Calling for electoral victory with this abysmal performance?

*NPP will continue seeing people as fools until you prove them wrong*

I am happy Akufo-Addo expressed his fears. “The next NDC government, especially being led by John Dramani Mahama, will be terrible for us.” Let me say emphatically that 2025 will indeed be terrible for every thief, not just Nana Addo and his accomplices.

*The fear of John Dramani Mahama is enough for the 2024 campaign.*

As the local proverb has it, Ghanaians have tried water and alcohol and can tell the difference in weight. The light is bright, and the dreams are real. Let’s keep hope alive for better days ahead.

*Kun Fa Yakun*

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