It was beautiful and heartwarming when students from GIU Christian School shared their widow’s mite you their counterparts who have been displaced due to flood from Akosombo dam spillage.

Over 50 students and their teachers visited Mepe and donated food and school supplies to the families and the children and gave them hope.

The truck-full items included maize, rice, cooking oil, biscuits charcoal, and provisions. The students also added books, pencils, pens, erasers and others.

Students spent time with their news friends. and peer-taught them and shared them. The flood victims also discussed their challenges with them.

In the teaching sections under trees due to the flood, students from Tema shared themselves among their friends and stayed in groups according to their level of schooling and helped them solves questions in mathematics, social studies, science and others.

Both students from GIU Christian School and their friends enjoyed moments together as their departure after over four hours of togetherness brought sad moments.

Before the students and the staff paid a courtesy call on the Mankralo of Mepe,Torgbui Kwasi Nego VI who welcomed them and thanked them for their thought for their friends and the willingness to share what they had with them, and encouraged them to carry the virtue of giving in their entire lives.
The Chief lamented that the effect of the spillage has been very damaging though it was available. He called on Goverment to properly come with relief items since though they(traditional authorities) have heard about relief items but their are yet to see them. He accused the VRA for delaying even with intel from Bagri dam but waited until the Akosombo dam neared collapse due to high levels of the water before they decided to spill the water.

The students were happy “being with our friends, we learnt a lot ourselves, disaster can occur anytime, but seing them was exciting and mingling was super, we pray they come out of it soon” one student turned-teacher told us.
The Administrator of Tema GIU Christian School, Sam Yim called on NGOs, individuals and corporate bodies to keep the relief items coming since the situation was dire.

Source: Moses Amposah

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