Member of Parliament for the La Dadekotopon Constituency, Rita Odoley Sowah, has implored the House to intervene and prompt the government to allocate the necessary resources for the long-awaited reconstruction of the La General Hospital reconstruction.

Expressing the frustrations of her constituents and other residents in Accra, the MP explained the growing impatience within the community regarding the delayed promise of an ‘ultra-modern,’ ‘international,’ and ’21st-century hospital.’

In a statement she read on the floor of Parliament on Tuesday, November 7, she described the situation as a story of disappointments and broken promises.

Hon. Odoley Sowah criticized the government’s handling of the project, highlighting the lack of planning and excessive politicking that has characterized the reconstruction efforts.

The La General Hospital, a healthcare facility serving communities in La, Osu, and Teshie, was razed down with a promise to construct a new hospital meeting international standards.

However, despite the elaborate sod-cutting ceremony held in August 2020 and grand assurances of securing a €68 million credit facility, the project has remained in limbo, leaving the community without essential medical services.

She emphasized the skepticism that has permeated the community due to empty promises and missed deadlines.

The MP recounted the series of events, including the Health Minister’s announcements regarding delays and insurance coverage issues, further fueling public mistrust.

She urged Parliament to assertively call upon the government to expedite the allocation of necessary resources and get the contractor on-site without delay.

“As a representative of this constituency, I cannot help but recall the lofty promises made and the unmistakable sense of skepticism that has since loomed over our constituents, many of whom adopted a ‘wait-and-see’ attitude toward government’s intentions and plans.”

“Today, as we find ourselves in the 44th month since the government first committed to deliver a 21st-century hospital for La or the 39th month since President Akufo Addo ceremoniously broke ground for the construction work to commence, the project remains caught in a quagmire.”

“There’s still no contractor on site, and the long-awaited 21st-century hospital is but a dream, with empty promises as our only harvest as timelines are constantly updated,” she stated.

Residents of La and the adjourning towns who have patiently awaited the fulfillment of the promise for an ‘ultra-modern,’ ‘international,’ and ’21st-century hospital,’ are growing increasingly frustrated.

Hon. Sowah pleaded with the government to keep its promise and provide the much-needed healthcare facility, expressing the desperation of her constituents.



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