The Saboba Constituency Constituency in the Northern Region, is currently facing a major crisis due to the deplorable conditions of its roads.

This crisis has put the Constituency which is also a District economy at risk as farmers struggle to transport their produce to markets and businesses struggle to receive supplies.

The Member of Parliament for Saboba, Hon Joseph Nikpe Bukari revealed this to EXPRESSNEWSGHANA in Parliament after he posed a question to the Minister of Roads in Parliament.

Mr Speaker, I rise to ask the Minister for Roads and Highways what is the cause of delay in the completion of the Saboba – Wapuli road, and what steps are being taken to ensure that the Saboba Constituency is not cut off from the rest of the country during the rainy season,” the MP quizzed the Minister.

According the MP, the constituency which is known for its agriculture production, has been hit hard by the poor road infrastructure, which has resulted in the loss of perishable goods and a decline in sales.

He explained that, the poor road conditions have also made it difficult for farmers to access inputs such as fertilizers and seeds, which has led to a decrease in yields.

Hon Joseph Nikpe Bukari

Hon Joseph Nikpe Bukari
The situation is not just limited to agriculture; businesses across the constituency have been equally affected.

The cost of transportation has increased due to the poor roads, and businesses are finding it difficult to receive supplies on time.

“The Roads are so bad that, the Saboba market that receives traders from other districts, across the country like Yendi, Tamale, Kintanpo, Yeji, Atebubu, and many others are affected,” adding that , this has resulted in a decrease in productivity and profits.

He said his constituents are frustrated, as they have been struggling with the issue for years.

Hon Joseph Bukari said several appeals to the President’s, the Vice President and parliamentary questions by himself have not received favourable from the government.

The MP therefore called on the sector Minister, Kwesi Amoako-Attah to take immediate action to repair the roads and boost economic activity in the region.

In response, the Minister assured the roads would receive favourable attention in the 2024 budget to be presented by the Minister for Finance.

He said as part of the work on the Saboba – Wapuli road, engineers from the Ministry have also work to add bridges that connect to the road.

He however urged the MP and the residents to be patient while it works towards finding a lasting solution to the problem.

Currently, the Saboba – Wapuli road and its adjoining roads are all in bad shape, making it difficult for commuters to use the roads.

The few farm roads in the Constituency are also riddled with thousands of potholes due to poor road maintenance.

The current situation highlights the importance of road infrastructure in Ghana’s economic development.

As a result, it is crucial for the government to consider investing in the development of road networks in rural areas to boost economic activity and reduce poverty.


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