As part of the effort to educate the youth and residents on fire prevention and safety measures, the Association of Youth and Young Adults Development (AYYAD) as part of its education project has organised Fire Safety Education to the good people of Madina.

It was organised in conjunction with West Madina Development Foundation (WEMADEF) and the management of Umar Bun Hatab (UBH) Islamic School.

Chairman of AYYAD, Mohammed Tawfique told EXPRESSNEWSGHANA that, the organization is a youth led NGO that have been advocating for developments in education, empowerment, peace, security, health and entire safety of humanity.

According to him, the the fire safery event was aimed at educating the entire community on the need to pay attention to the prevention of fire in our various homes, schools and work places.

On her part, the Women Commissioner of Ayyad, Ms Zainab Hamzah explained that the importance of fire safety education would further serve as motivation for collaboration between Wemadef and UBH.

She added that Ayyad recently organized a First Aid Training for the community as well which sought to improve their health condition.

The Fire Safety Officer in charge of the Madina-Adenta Division, Divisional Officer Grade 3 Alhaji Abdullai Salia took the residents through the fire safety measures.

He reiterated the fact that fire outbreaks are accidental and the most rampant fire outbreaks are caused by negligence and carelessness of individuals.

He advises the residents to take heed to fire safety education in order to prevent outbreaks in their homes and workplaces.

Two Assembly members from the Madina West and North Legon Electoral Areas of the Madina Minicipality, Hon. Ibrahim Abdul Razak Cisse and Hon. Augustine Ativi Hayibor Atsu was present for the program.

The event also attracted teachers, students of the school, members of both organizations and some individuals from the community.

Hon. Abdul Razak, commended Ayyad and Wemadef for such a wonderful thought they had for the community and encouraged others to emulate them.

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