The Branch Manager of Fumbisi Nangami Fuel Filling Station in the Builsa South District of the Upper East Region, Abdulai Wadudu, on Saturday, October 21, 2023, had the heck of his life when the District Chief Executive (DCE) of the area, Daniel Kwame Gariba in a show of power, subjected him to multiple kicks for daring to ask for money before allowing him to lift fuel.

It took the intervention of some bystanders to save the situation with the DCE warning Wadudu not to ever ask him money again whenever he comes around to refill his car.

This paper is reliably informed that the Builsa South District Assembly has an agreement with the Nangami Fuel Filling Station to lift fuel on credit. They are to make some payments when the credit reaches a certain threshold.

However, the Assembly has since reneged on the contract terms and still continue to lift fuel with the assurance that they will soon pay their debt. Having failed to honour their word, the fuel filling station being managed by Wadudu was left with no choice than to cut ties with the Assembly and save them from incurring more debt that would have devastating effect on their operations.

The DCE, unaware of the stance taken by the Nangami Filling Station Manager, had gone to the station to refuel his car. However, Wadudu boldly told him that he was unable to let him refuel his car because the Assembly was owing the station so much money.

This infuriated the anger of the DCE and began exchanging words with the pump attendant. When tempers flared up, the DCE could not hold it anymore, compelling him to get down from his car and walked straight to Wadudu by subjecting him to multiple kicks.

Wadudu, this paper learnt, had wanted to fight back but was prevented from doing so by some bystanders who rushed to the scene to save the situation from escalating.

Wadudu then reported the incident to his regional manager for him to take the matter up.

When the Builsa South DCE was contacted, he noted that “It’s not true I had altercation with a fuel attendant let alone kicking him. At least a report would have been made to the police and I would have by now been invited. It’s a figment of someone’s imagination bent on smearing my image for political reasons. I have heard and asked the young man involved, and he denies having knowledge of such”.

However, when Wadudu was contacted, he confirmed the incident but refused to give further details.

“My brother, we are all human beings, and sometimes things happen, but we have resolved it long ago. So, we should let sleeping dogs lie. The issue happened some days ago, and I don’t have any problem with the DCE”, noted Wadudu.

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