The Member of Parliament for Kintampo North, Joseph Kwame Kumah has called on the Mo and the Wangara communities within the Kintampo North Municipality to choose peace than violence to settle issues.

According to him, the Municipality would not receive the needed development if conflict is ignited in the area.

Hon Kwame Kumah made the call in a statement read on the floor of Parliament following conflict between the Mo and the Wangara settlers in the area.

So far, he said one person has lost his life and others sustained injuries.

As a result, the Speaker of Parliament,Rt Hon Alban Bagbin directed, the Minister for National Security and the Minister for the Interior appear before the Parliament committee of Defence and Interior to brief them on the situation.

The committee would subsequenty submit it’s report to the House for adoption and further directives.

Full Statement below


Thank you, Mr. Speaker, for this opportunity to bring to the attention of the House to a serious matter raising its head in Kintampo which may break the perpetual peace we have been enjoying for centuries.

Mr. Speaker, the Paramount Chief of Mo, Nana Kweku Dankwa III, The President of the Mo Traditional Council has asked for a period within November to December to perform rituals to cleanse accidents and other negative incidents in the municipality especially in the Mo settlements areas which part of Kintampo Township is included.

On the other hand, Shrakyi Fangrima, the President of the Wangara Community in Ghana, also has his Annual Klubi Festival within same few days in the time frame clashing.

These two ceremonies at the same time is what is about causing the conflict in Kintampo.

A one-time enviable society is about to collapse due to a threatening peace. A municipality that has a unique location, strategically situated for all year-round Agricultural, Aquaculture, Animal Husbandry, multiple tourist sites, and Diverse cultural society is about to be destroyed due to simple but complex external manipulations trying to bring the said society to its knees. We refused to join the unpalatable chronicle of towns on the table of conflict.

Kintampo North Municipality’s uniqueness stemmed from the fact, that almost all tribes in Ghana can be found with peaceful coexistence and inter-marriages for centuries, yet beginning to face human-influenced conflict.

Mr. Speaker, I beg to advice, never has any group of people ever benefited from war or conflict without some regrets of had I known.

Mr. Speaker, the municipality is one of the least developed when it comes to road and other infrastructural projects, perennially accident-prone but lack a common Trauma Center, full of thousands of hectares of arable rice lands, yet untapped, fertile lands for yams, cassava and other cash crops which almost all bigwigs in the municipality cultivate on large scales.

Why should we sit down for Kintampo to be torn apart? RESEC and MUSEC MUST NOT STRUGGLE TO FIX WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Let’s all be fair to all the factions so that in the end, everlasting peace will be the winner.

Finally, let those who have lost a loved one take heart, and those injured be healed by His Grace. Kintampo North Municipality needs an industrial revolution, not conflict resolution.

Mr. Speaker, I have consulted the Peace Council both regional and National, to quickly intervene in the Kintampo issues for the parties to use dialogue and mediation for everlasting peace and prosperity in Kintampo.

Mr. Speaker, to conclude, the center of the nation must not be allowed to be tensed up, for if things are allowed to fall apart, commuters from all walks of life who plow from Accra to Paga, and to the neighboring countries would suffer. Also, businesses would suffer and there would be negative consequences on the government’s meager resources.


Thank you.




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