The Member of Parliament for SABOBA Constituency, Hon Joseph Nikpe Bukari is concerned about the imminent danger posed to the lives and property of his constituents Residents by the absence of a fire tender.

The MP said there have been several fire outbreaks affecting houses, guest houses and radio stations as well as rampant bushfires in the last few months.

Hon Bukari said the most recent fire outbreak in the constituency was an FM Station, Radio Gaaki and a Guest House belonging to a retired District Director of Education. Apart from these, some shops and farmlands have also been affected.

“Yes, there have been several times of fire incidents but two of them, an FM Station radio Gaaki and a guest house belonging to a retired District Director of Education Mr. Phillip Debabi,”  Hon Bukari told EXPRESSNEWSGHANA  in an interview after he posed a question to the Minister for Interior in parliament.

He added that bushfires as a result of the preparation of farming lands as well as children’s hunting of wild rats in the bush also led to fires which have affected lives and property.

“Saboba has a high thoroughfare of visitors on market day. We do have a lot of traders. We do have one of the biggest markets that traders from all parts of the country and neigbouring Togo. We do have facilities like Guest Houses and what have, and when you do not have a service as a fire tender, that brings great concern to me,” said Hon Bukari.

The Saboba Constituency which is also a District has a fire services station manned by the Ghana National Fire Services (GNFS) but the services do not have a Tender to fight fire anytime there is a fire outbreak.

Thus, the MP dragged the Minister of Interior to parliament to explain why the Constituency did not have a fire tender.

“Mr Speaker, I rise to ask the Minister for the Interior when the Ghana National Fire Services in the Saboba Constituency will be provided with a fire Tender and other equipment to help operationalize the station to serve its main purpose of fighting fire?” Hon Bukari quizzed the Minister, Hon Ambrose Dery.

In response, the Minister, Mr. Derry said the fire tender for Saboba has a mechanical problem and is currently at the Regional Workshop of GNFS in Tamale for repairs.


According to the Minister, the fire station at Saboba was inaugurated and fire officers as well as personnel were deployed but unfortunately, the fire tender allocated to the station had mechanical problems and is being served at the regional fire services workshop.

He added that the Ministry through the GNFS is considering procuring new fire equipment in the 2024 budget of which the Saboba District GNFS would be considered.


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