The Majority caucus in parliament has insisted that the 2024 Budget Statement and Economic Policy of the government has duly been approved by the House and remains so until an appeal for a headcount is dealt with.

Deputy Majority leader Alexander Afenyo-Martin contends that following the conclusion of the debate on Wednesday, November 29, the Speaker duly put the question and declared the ‘ayes’ had prevailed.

“It is essential to note that despite the Speaker’s indication that the “ayes” had it, and despite a petition presented to him, a petition that hadn’t followed due process, the Speaker’s initial ruling on the ‘ayes’ retaining their advantage stands.”

“Consequently, the budget has been duly passed until the appeal for a headcount is dealt with, not the division that the Speaker had called.”

In an unprecedented turn of events on Wednesday, the Majority group staged a walkout during the approval process of the 2024 Budget Statement.

The decision was sparked by a series of claimed procedural disputes that unfolded during the session, ‘leaving the fate of the budget hanging in a balance.’

Mr. Afenyo-Markin, in a statement on Thursday, November 30 clarified the situation and outlined the sequence of events that led to the dramatic walkout.

After the conclusion of the budget debate, the Speaker put the question regarding the approval of the policy and principles underpinning the budget and indicated, ‘I think the ayes have it.’

However, Deputy Minority Leader Emmanuel Armah Kofi-Buah contested the Speaker and called for a headcount, prompting procedural objections from the Majority Caucus.

Despite these objections, the Speaker expressed his intention to proceed with the headcount.

 “Surprisingly, the Speaker shifted gears and suggested the possibility of resorting to a division, catching members of the Majority Caucus off guard. The decision to call for a division was not the initial application, leading to concerns from the Majority Caucus about its fairness under the circumstances,” Afenyo-Markin said,

According to him, the Majority Caucus, well aware of the parliamentary rules distinguishing headcounts and divisions, moved to halt the process.

He explained that being absent during a headcount disqualifies a member from being recorded present, whereas, in a division, absent members who rush in can be counted as participants.

“This departure from the call for a headcount generated heat and was set to frustrate government business; at the same time undermining the sanctity of the parliamentary processes,” he accused Alban Bagbin.

The group claimed some Minority members were not in Accra during the proceedings to approve the budget on Wednesday.

The Deputy Majority leader stressed that the choice for a division was unfair under the circumstances, leading to the Caucus’ decision to stage a walkout.

The Majority group has claimed some members of the

Meanwhile, Parliament has deferred the approval of the budget to December 7 when the Causes may have the complement of all their member

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