I was encouraged by a friend to pursue my LLB even though I did my MA( Alternative Dispute Resolution).

He advised me to go to Wisconsin International University College as the best fortress for Legal training.
I pondered and deeply reflected on it I also thought of my Alma Mata, the University of Ghana School of Law where I pursued a Master of Art In Alternative Dispute Resolution as mentioned.
My batch was second when the faculty began the program.
The faculty then admitted both LLB holders(those called to the bar) and first-degree holders from any field. of study.
I completed the two-year course by writing three thesis papers.
These were The Use Of Mediation In Resolving Landlord-Tenant Disputes. A case study of Nima- Mamobi Community.
Why Litigate Instead of Mediate?
Then The Arbitability Clause In Arbitration.

61 Graduates from Wisconsin called to the BAR 2023

By the grace of God, I had a distinguished legal luminary and a Professor of Law, Henrietta Mensah Bonsu as my supervisor. She now sits at the apex Court of our land. She was amazing and a gem both as a lecturer and as my supervisor.
I began my consultancy in Alternative Dispute Resolution with a basic understanding of the law I received from the faculty.
As stated supra, a friend tossed Wisconsin Law Faculty into my eardrums as an excellent place to transition to becoming a lawyer.
Lo and behold, I began the journey with my mates. The beginning was a tortious one as the comprehension of the entire course was a bit suspect. We soldiered on with determination and encouragement from our distinguished lecturers.
The maiden courses in the first year/first semester were Law of Contract,
Torts, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, and Ghana Legal System.
We had excellent, intelligent, patient, and well-versed lecturers. They used catchy modes to make us appreciate the course.
By the grace of Allah, we sailed through the first year.
By divine intervention or arrangement, we completed our second year about a week ago. We had similar lecturers, adorable, excellent, and superb ones. The cordiality was apt.
They created a unique atmosphere for the study of the course
They imparted legal knowledge to us.
Since this piece is going out to other news portals, with all humility, I will mention the first names of these distinguished and amazing lecturers.
Madam Mavis Kwanoe, Constitutional and Administrative Law) Madam Mavis Owusu Ansah( Commercial Law),
M Glah ( Law of Contract), Brother
MarCathy( Tort), Justice Ayisi,(Criminal Law) Bro Kareem,( Immovable Property) Mr. Kingsely Boadu (Energy and Natural Resources) Mr. Atuahene ( Ghana Legal System), and Mr. Niber,(Public International Law).
I am grateful for the knowledge given to me and my colleagues so far.
I am sure my colleagues are in the same mood to say thank you to our amazing lecturers.

Prof Samuel Date-Baah public Lectures by Wisconsin Law Faculty

All things being equal, we shall encounter the same brains to help us succeed in our legal training.
So far, I am happy being a member of the faculty.
I pray for Allah’s blessing to my lecturers, coursemates, and all so we can earn our LLB in peace and admiration.
To my friend who “transmitted’the idea of choosing Wisconsin Law Faculty, I am grateful for your wise counseling.
We are marching to Zion.
With determination, dedication, commitment, and seriousness, we shall get there.
Once again, I thank all especially my lecturers and colleagues on this journey so far.
Allah bless you.
The Servant

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